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  1. That it is! I took the picture right before I killed it.
  2. Thank you! Hopefully we won't have another one.
  3. Thank you for updating! Philip is out of town on business so he hasnt had a chance to do so.
  4. Satellite is still waiting for them to release Melissa, but said he will bring her by the office afterwards.
  5. There is a lady that sells some at the farmers market in Dallas. I bought some but have not tried it yet. She also has some blueberry jelly that is pretty good.
  6. I have been having the same problem especially in my hands. My OB ended up sending to a Maternal Fetal Specialist and ended up putting me on bed rest. They have told me the best things to do are to drinks LOTS of water, no processed foods, and to rest laying on my sides as much I can. My swelling has gone down so much since I have been doing these things. Hope this helps.
  7. Yes it will be going in next door to Cheeseburger Bobby's.
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