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  1. Is this the best way to advertise????? How do you do it?It's NOT in a forum?????????

  2. Bumped you to 5 Stars!

  3. Thought I would "STAR" bump you!

  4. Hey... Welcome to P.COM

    This is your 1st comment!

  5. Call Me 770-943-2044

    I can't send you a message


  6. Ok, I do as I am Told!

    (bumped your STARS!)

  7. I noticed you popped in on me and I was wondering if there is anything that I can do for you?

    By the way... your avatar rocks!


  8. Just popped on by to "Bump" you and show some "LOVE"

  9. You Have Been Caped "BUMPED"

    (better than Bewbie Hug!)LOL

  10. Hey Saw That You Popped In On Me...

    (bumped you to "5") LOL

  11. Just bumped you to 5 STARS...

  12. Drawing a line in the SAND!

    1. OldGoat99


      Can i papal you $22.00 to cover paypal cost and get in on it?

  13. I Like your Personal Statement!

    I also "STAR" Bumped You!


  14. and you have been "Star Bumped" LOL

  15. I stopped by to "Star Bump" you!

    Woo Hoo!!!!!!

    5 Stars!

  16. Popped in to "STAR" bump you!

    You are now a 5 star!

  17. j.s.y.k.

    I LOVE your personal statement!

  18. My Son Really Likes Your Signature!


    p.s. I also "Bumped" You!

  19. T popped in to "STAR" bump you but you already have "5"

    Caped :-)

  20. Hey!

    That was SWEET of you!

    I STAR bumped you!


    You are my "DreamGirl"


  21. Saw You Popped In So I Thought I would "Star Bump" Ya! Have a "Blessed" Day!

  22. Just thought I would "STAR" bump you and it is still on "3 Stars" but you are a "11" in my book!

    j.s.y.k. :-)

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