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  1. So awesome!! Thank you for sharing! Your relief, joy and thankfulness, can be felt! God bless you in your continued treatment and healthy future!!
  2. Do you mean Meals on the Way? No doubt, they are awesome! You can order from a few restaurants in Hiram and Rodney's BBQ in Dallas. Check the times though. I am not sure if they deliver this late. http://www.mealsontheway.com/
  3. Love this idea!! I saw their advertisement recently and it stated more restaurants to be added soon! The selection is pretty broad now-Mexican, Japanese, Country, Wings, BBQ, sandwiches and ice cream!! Also, CC, love the Carlin Agency!!
  4. Great video Curt! You are so funny and so good at saving money. I just figured out that we have saved $5400.00 by switching to you 1 1/2 years ago. You saved us $300.00 a month. A month that is!!!! Thanks again!
  5. I agree!! Call 770 947-3560, Curtis at Brightway Insurance. He saved us right at $300 a month for car, boat, home and umbrella. He will shop it for you and get the best rates!!! We also changed from Allstate and Liberty Mutual!!! Call for a quote. Ours is coming up for renewal and no rate increases!!! Love it! Consumer advocates tell us to shop around! I am certainly happy that we finally did!! Good luck!!
  6. I am really surprised the little rain over the past few days has done this. We have had much greater storms and rainfall over the last 13 years since I have been here. When FEMA came out , did they reinforce or divert or what?? I know our road has suffered many environmental disturbances due to construction, creek widening, pond reconstruction upstream (and just next to you) in very recent years. So sorry! If there is anything we can do, pleas let us know.
  7. Limited menu? Maybe, but they change it all the time! My current favorite is Amy's Specialty Salad with either shrimp or chicken done to order. I get the grilled shrimp with my salad. Beautiful shrimp done perfectly tender! Never overcooked as can happen easily with shrimp. My favorite time is coming up. Crawfish time!!! I am so excited. We eat there at least 1-2 times a month. Raw oysters straight from Louisiana right now on Thursdays. We love it and have for over a year now. Actually, it is my favorite restaurant right now! Love the Purple Haze Albita Beer on tap too!
  8. You know you have my vote and support Kim. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the children of Paulding and to the community in general. Good luck!!
  9. I am so happy for Chas Henry (and the Gators)! Being a Georgia fan, but also EPHS Raiders fan for many years, it was a bittersweet ending to a great game.
  10. Thank you for detailing the event. What a wonderful and heartwarming way to have started that game! I, too, have tears streaming down my face.
  11. I am for the reverse attitude! Two mentalities hard at work!
  12. Great thread! I love sky just after sunset, the sky just before sunrise, that cup of coffee on the deck in the quiet morning, grace before dinner while the entire family is seated at the table, but nothing makes me smile more than when the children are playing and laughing. Have a great night!!1
  13. I absolutely agree! The Avery family is remarkable, extremely intelligent, and very well rounded. I look forward to meeting with them again and hope more in the community do so also. We have a fight on our hands! Although I am thankful for any candidate willing to put him/herself on the line, we need to change things up in this community. Let's go Will!! We are counting on you.
  14. Fox News was fortunate to have Taylor intern there this summer and what a great opportunity you had with P.Com. Way to go Taylor!!!
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