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  1. Writing checks I have sent both my son and son in law who are both the same age with a business check for parts that I did not know the total for and have been called by the other company because they didn't fill in the check correctly. They do not teach this in school anymore nor do they teach cursive writing, kids do not even know how to sign their own name.
  2. If you use humilin N or humilog you can get the reli-on brand from Walmart for 25 bucks a vial and you do not have to have a prescription for insulin. I am diabetic without insurance and have never had a prescription
  3. Robbie's Auto Repair on East Paulding Dr
  4. Last year we were told that my mom needed to go to hospice on the day before Thanksgiving, so we as a family spent Thanksgiving in the hospital by her side ( she passed on Dec. 18) we did not even think about having a Thanksgiving dinner. Came home late to find a complete Thanksgiving dinner on the stove thanks to my wonderful neighbors across the street ( they have a key for emergencies). I found out how trully blessed I really am to have such amazing people in my life.
  5. I will save mine for you if you come by the shop and pick them up on Mondays or Tuesdays I usually have two.
  6. My dad actually told my oldest daughter's fiancé when they became engaged in his words " if you ever hurt my granddaughter, I am 62 years old, her grandmother is very sick and will not be around much longer and I don't care to spend the rest of my life in prison, it won't be that long" now you have to know my dad is all of 5'7" tall and 125 lbs soaking wet. My husband, her father, who all the boys are afraid of is 6'5" and 250. So it was funny coming from my dad. But I do believe him.
  7. Listening to Bartow scanner and there is lots of damage in Adairsville. Entrapments in homes and business. Tractor trailer turned over on 75 at exit 306
  8. My Moma just passed away on Tuesday and her younger brother passes away on the Sunday before that just two days apart. I really don''t know how I am feeling yet because see loved Chritmas so much that I want to celebrate for her, but I am really not in the mood. I have been trying to keep it together for my kids, but they are all over 18 and have things to do of their own, maybe next year things will be better.
  9. Saw some at Walmart on Dallas Hwy the other day. My daughter was going to do black and gold GT colors for her fiance.
  10. Heard from a friend in LE that DNR is doing a 1000 acre burn in N. Paulding area
  11. We left around 6:45 to go to Hiram and you could see smoke near Mt Tabor but it wasn't that bad, just thought it was brush burning, but when we came home around 9:45 the fire department was out investigating, we had to go around the fire truck and the smoke was very thick in the area, we live on Forest Ct next to the old junk yard and there is nothing down here, but you are probably right about a fire at both ends it's the perfect time to have a bon fire but with the dry weather we had for so long sometimes they get out of hand. We smell smoke over here all the time and can never figure out where it is coming from.
  12. The end that the smoke is on is not the Dallas Acworth hwy end, we just came back from dinner and home depot and fire truck is investigating. We also saw it when we were headed to Hiram but couldn,t tell what it was.
  13. I had already went to Arby's and got lunch and of course noticed on my way back to the office
  14. Drove by today. Sign says NOW OPEN 6am-9pm
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