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  1. The Honey Shack - new and awesome. New Macland Road in Powder Springs.
  2. Get those brackets ready! Wooo Hooo!
  3. Nixle and Facebook....they report on a regular basis. Check it out. ...also, the news stations have been asking people to stay off the roads for hours...
  4. If people would stay off the roads when the Sheriff's Department asks them to, this wouldn't happen....
  5. Believe, and pray for a miracle.....one tiny little miracle for Shannon....
  6. Liars... gotta get rid of the negative energy they exude...
  7. Rest in Peace, David..... Prayers for the family....
  8. Rest in Peace - my old friend.... your smiling face will be missed...
  9. Prayers for comfort in this time of tremendous loss....
  10. Lady Raider - you rock. I love what you said. You have the most gracious heart. I think pubby has probably made a good decision here. I, for one, have avoided the religious posts. Sad, but true. Not out of intimidation, but out of a lack of respect for anyone who bullies others into submission. That type of "witnessing" shows a complete lack of respect on the part of the one attempting to witness to someone else. There's no need to browbeat others in order to get your point across in any situation. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - still the greatest rule to live
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