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  1. Swimming at my MIL's house and a random pig showed up to the party. Not joking. PM me for an address.
  2. Heh, you mess with someone's property you pay the price. This really isn't that hard.
  3. Yeap he was at the house yesterday. Cannon Dragger is supposedly being poured at Cedarcrest Tavern.
  4. Drinking a Stillwater Cellar Door as I type and I broke out a 3 Floyds Moloko last night with former poster Yukon Cornelius.
  5. The funny part is that your manly beer has a far lower ABV than damn near 97% of all craft beers.
  6. FWIW- Cedarcrest Tavern has enhanced their beer menu. Nothing mind blowing, but definitely the best on that side of town.
  7. You can't even open a package store in unincorporated Paulding, I seriously doubt they would welcome a brewery/brewpub.
  8. Well, you have to stay with the dog, of course. You have all the time in the world to do such things.
  9. But "dead dog" overrides sensible thinking in the meter moving department.
  10. I was a Publix fan even before I started working there. You will find that people are pretty loyal to the places they choose to shop. The people who will go to 5 different stores are the clear minority and there's nothing wrong with that. There are items that I have never and will never buy from any grocery store just because grocery stores don't even try to compete on those items (and as much as I hate going there, I still buy them from WalMart).
  11. I work on that side of Paulding and for such a target rich area, the restaurants are downright embarrassing. Not a knock, but it's a pretty sad state when the best place on the whole road is Beef O Brady's (La Pariila is in Cobb, so they don't count). I stopped by the place in question last night for a beer after work, but after the food experiences I've had in that location in the past it's hard to convince me to do anything other than drink in there no matter who owns it.
  12. Seems to be a case of having a good point, but choosing the wrong way to go about proving it.
  13. But right wingers are all about freedom, no? I guess it's freedom for everybody as long as they are like me.
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