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  1. Yes, they are still there today. Sorry, I did not see the price.
  2. Wow! Quite a few people have said basically the same thing and you single out my post to tell me "Bye"? Didn't know I had that kind of impact on you...
  3. If I can ever sell my house without losing my shirt, I am out of here!
  4. Animal - the post is not mine. I just was telling the OP where to find the post she was asking about (so she would know she wasn't crazy). TIDonald was the author of the post in question.
  5. It's in the "Grab Bag Yard sale posts", the last page. Angels Among US MInsitries is haveing a BIG FUNDRAISER Yard sale. All money will go toward us getting a BIGGER building for our dresses. Do you have any items you would like to donate to our yard sale? We thank you for your time:) The author of the post was tidonald, if that helps.
  6. Illegal immigrants seeking relief from deportation can apply Wednesday Article in the AJC: Alexandra Alor follows a simple system to elude immigration authorities. An illegal immigrant from Peru, Alor doesn’t venture out of her home in DeKalb County when she sees police setting up traffic stops nearby or hears about them on Hispanic radio stations. That system has worked for the 17-year-old Lakeside High School student ever since her grandmother illegally brought her to the United States about 10 years ago. Now she sees an opportunity to remain here without the nerve-racking
  7. Found a set of car keys last night at La Cocina's around 9:30pm. I turned them into Management. They were found under a table (when you walk in the front door and turn left into the dining room, the keys were at the last table on the left by the window). Hope this helps someone!
  8. Any truth to that statement means people should be afraid. If a comment a family member makes causes an employee to lose their job (and we are not talking threats or something ominous), what the heck does that say about the people running our government in Paulding County?
  9. For those who say nobody would gets terminated over their posts on p.com, I know of one employee who was terminated today based on a post. Additional communication with HR and the boss's boss at the County called it "insubordination" when this person tried to talk to them about it b/c they told this person to not talk to anyone about it (evidentially, that included talking to HR and the boss's boss).
  10. It may not be a requirement to use your real name, but many people probably did when they signed up for this site; I know I did. You don't have to believe it; it doesn't make it any less true...
  11. If someone from the BOC was reading p.com and saw that some people were too vocal or asking too many questions about a candidate, someone from the County could do an Open Records Request and ask for the identities of those vocal individuals. Once they have that info (gotten the names and realized these people were related to County employees, etc.), then the County employees get told they better get their dog on a leash or else... And now Noahsdad felt he needed to edit his original post...
  12. That's a good question. Maybe someone from the County did an Open Records Request of p.com records or maybe someone from p.com gave the information out... People have been threatened both on p.com and work. Just saying...
  13. Many have been threatened here and at work...
  14. To answer your original question, IMO, not giving Dis Jr. a party or presents is acceptable. Yes, I understand he has issues, but even those people who are disabled must learn their are consequences to actions. Will he fully understand, I do not know, but you are trying as a parent.
  15. D*mn skippy, I'll just walk out. Not voting for someone I don 't believe in.
  16. I will NOT cast a vote for a candidate I do not believe in. You may think it's a wasted vote, but at least my conscience will be clear that I did not vote for someone that I think is corrupt or, as you put it, "the lesser of two evils". The expression, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" comes to mind. Maybe if people now see that they see their choices are Good ol' boy vs. Good ol' boy, maybe they'll realize that they need to be proactive in their gov't. Maybe if more people did a write-in vote, even if it's for Deputy Dawg, we would get the
  17. When I vote, I am doing a "write-in" and STILL voting for JK Rogers!
  18. All your documents show is that Tony did his inspections while working for the County. GASP! Is that the conspiracy? A gov't employee actually doing work?
  19. What conflict? When did Mr. Crowe do work for these contactors? Was he still employed by the County when he did work for them? Where is that paperwork? I can almost say, "Before David Austin became Chairman, he sold copiers/did maintenance on copiers. He received campaingn donations from copier companies when he ran. Copiers that are in the admin building were provided by companies he used to work for". But you know what? I have no documentation to back that up, just as no one has presented contracts, etc., showing Mr. Crowe's signature on contracts with contractors. But man,
  20. I read your *proof*. It says nothing. 1. Actual reports done by Mr. Crowe were hand written. You printed out a log. Logs can be manipulated. 2. Show me when he did work for the contractors, actual contracts between Mr. Crowe and the contractors, including dates. 3. I also find it very interesting that Open Records Requests typically take 3-days. You received your log, not the actual reports, in one afternoon. 4. Your inference that Mr. Crowe told people he'd give them a passing inspection in exchange for Sheetrock work is only that - an inference. Show me proof that
  21. Just b/c some candidates have chosen to not come on p.com, does not mean they are hiding anything. There have been many public events in which candidates have been in attendance and available to answer questions.
  22. Please provide me a copy of the documentation in question so that I know exactly what you are referencing. Or, you may call him and ask him yourself.
  23. Please send me a message with your name and phone number, so that I may pass your information on to Mr. Crowe, so that he may schedule an appt with you. According to a google search I just did, as of July 2011, there were over 143,542 people living on Paulding County. Forgive him for not (at this time) knowing you personally to call on you.
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