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  1. Prayers still being said for her family and may she now rest in peace.
  2. May you rest in peace and God be with the family during this trying time. Luke, I love ya gal, and I'm here for you and the family if you need me.
  3. Yes, it is April. Katie is being a good friend to Josh right now and he needs his friends real close at this time and in the coming weeks. Katie you can call me if you need to talk about helping Josh.
  4. So very sad and so touching as already said. Never turn loose of those precious memories you witnessed for so long of their love shared. I dont know anyone married that long, truly a gift in itself.
  5. Many many prayers go out to this family and this little boy who now has to grow up without his mommy. She was just a kid herself. RIP Ashley.
  6. So sad for his family at this time. My daughter went to school with his son in Smyrna. Prayers be with them.
  7. Now whose gonna steal Aunt Bea's pies off the window sill?
  8. I never use goodbye to anyone, UNLESS I truly mean GOODBYE .I have never liked that word. It means too final for me. I always say see ya later, be careful, talk to ya later. Only other time I've ever used that word is at a funeral as I say and pay a final respect to a dearly departed one I'll say goodbye I love you and we'll meet again someday at their graveside. One thing I have always said to officers/emt/firemen is BE CAREFUL out there and stay safe, same for the troops EVERYTIME! Ken, You and the boys/gals be careful and stay safe too.
  9. Always here too. When I talk to my oldest on the phone I end the call with the I love ya Punkin'(nickname from childhood)and tell my 4 yr old those sames words many times a day.
  10. It was always the Heeeere'sssssssss JOHNNY. He will be missed, and yeah I agree Leno ain't funny, and neither is Conan. There isn't a good late night host anymore. RIP Johnny.
  11. I never had the fortune of meeting this man personally but today when I passed the funeral home about 4, his service was still going on and the parking lot was full capacity. I could see by that this man was loved by so many and my heart goes out to his family and friends thru this tough time. May you rest in peace Mr VanVleet.
  12. He will be sadly missed. I've been a WWF fanatic for years and always enjoyed watching him in the ring. Never met him face to face but have seen him in passing many many times around town.
  13. Yep, Streetcar Named Desire. He was the original BAD BOY. The Godfather was one of the great ones. It made ya a deal ya couldnt refuse.
  14. When the server went down I was about to spazzz out with a blank page, Subby was emailin me saying cant get on the sight same time I emailed him, got us all shook up cause we couldnt READ. Broke out in a cold sweat goin thru withdrawal and started shakin' lmao.
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