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  1. I guess we will have to pay a late fee since we could not get our tag today. How does that seem fair?
  2. We have know Roger and family for a long. My son played ball with Chad! We are so sorry the the Leggett family loss. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. David & Ginger and Family.
  3. I know Dan Brother n Law and if he is any thing like him the world has lost a great person. I'm so sorry for his family loss.
  4. Try Ball photography. Stephain Ball is very good. you can also see her work on Facebook
  5. Just got a call form son who was traveling 75 north and said there was a state trooper at just about every exit and some had cars pulled over.
  6. My heart goes out to this family. Russell was a great guy and would do any thing for any body. I know that his family needs all the prayers they can get right now.
  7. Is this the little boy that was in car accident on East Paulding Drive a couple of months ago?
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