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  1. She has tried, bleach, which it took off some, and other chemicals. I thought I would post it on here and see what others have tried.
  2. Anyone have any magic potions in getting rid of mildew on wallpaper?
  3. Anyone know how to do some tile work? If so, and you can do a great job, please PM me.
  4. When I had mine done, it didn't phase me. It didn't hurt at all, nor was it uncomfortable.
  5. Okay, you came here for opinions, here is mine. The mother is in the wrong, she is controlling and she was just looking for an argument. She will do what ever she has to, to stop the children from seeing their REAL FATHER. As for the Step-father, he needs to butt out, he has no say in this. It's her problem that She blocked the REAL FATHER on her phone. She is doing everything she can to be hard headed and controlling. She seems that she changes the rules when it fits her needs and wants. As for him being late to get the girls, to bad, he should up, let him have the girls for hi
  6. lucky64


    Both my kids are in College. And I'm not ready to say yet.
  7. lucky64


    Thank you! Yes, when I said that I want out of Paulding, I meant it.
  8. lucky64


  9. I called her and she will come to look at the house Sunday. She asked me what your name was, and I said, I didn't have a clue. LMBO
  10. What the heck, I'm shocked about Florida, North Dakota, and Alaska. What SHOULD have been on that list was New Jersey without a doubt. Seriously!! New York is getting cleaned up, slowly, but it's happening. New Jersey will never change.
  11. Sounds like a plan "Just Thinking Hard." I will await the information and give her a call.
  12. Thank you for the story, I just learned something.
  13. I need someone to come to my home and clean it with a fine tooth and comb, to put it on the market to sell. I'm not interested in the cleaning business that is advertised here. Anyone out there clean homes?? I have Brazilian Cherry Wood Floors through most of the house, and Parquet Flooring in the Formal Dining Room. Must know how to clean them. Oh, and wood flooring in the Family Room, forgot what kind. I just know it's a floating floor. We have 4 bedrooms, 3 complete bathrooms, Formal Dining Room, Formal Living Room, Kitchen, Family Room, and a Washer and Dryer Area downstair
  14. I live in New Hope and only can speak for where I live, but there was only thunder here. No lightning, rain, or wind. I hope everyone that was in that house that caught fire where either not home or got out safely. Hope they didn't have any pets, if they weren't home.
  15. I'm breathing. Thank you for the concern. Just been very busy.
  16. I went for the first time last month. I went to shoot some pictures of the storm clouds that were coming in. I saw two older gentlemen on a golf cart. The driver dropped his passenger at one door, then he drove to the next door and got out. What I found amusing, is they still were talking to each other at their perspective doors. Other than that, it was a ghost town. But, here is a thought, start renting out the rooms for different occasions.
  17. I'm amazed on how many people leave their babies in the car and locked mined you, to run their stupid errands. People are being called to attention by media when a parent is caught doing so, which common sense, you don't leave a child in a hot vehicle. But yet, you still have parents doing this, with the attitude, "I'll only be a few minutes", or, I won't get caught. Normally when one or two are caught, it seems others are coming out of the wood work. Just the other day, I was at Publix and this vehicle caught my attention because it was parked on an angle, in the white markings,
  18. Welcome my lovely cooler temps, I hope you stay around for a very very long time. Let's have a freak snow storm.
  19. Smartarse, I didn't even join a dance class yet. I'm okay, and Ragdoll is okay also. She sat in the backseat guarding the pizza. LMBO! Thank you for asking.
  20. I think it all ready is happening. I got hit today and now I have a hole in the quarter panel, and the bumper come out.
  21. He isn't a damn hippie. Hippies are very peaceful people, or stoned, hence the peacefulness.
  22. Dances like they do on Dancing with the Stars.
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