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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. I stopped by a few places today. I think my husband found what he was looking for on Craigs list.
  2. hey all I out shopping in Hiram and was looking for the used appliance store.I thought it was across from the movies. Can someone please tell me where it is? tia
  3. I didnt read the article so this may not make any sense. What exactly do you think should be taxed? Food is already taxed and Georgia charges extra tax. What about people without health insurance who pay everything out of pocket? Should they pay an extra tax for the people who have health insurance to get treated. No one helps me with my bills, I pay everything myself, so I should be able to eat what ever the heck want fat or not.
  4. My daughter just had hers put on about 3 weeks ago. $4500. we go to Dr. McClendon
  5. Some will be in the grass and some will be on the pavement.
  6. Woohoo, welcome. I am dying to come check out your place. I am from South Florida and miss having some good Cuban Food.
  7. Don't forget about this great sale!!
  8. OMG, I was just reading this thread and your hair color thread. My hair is already straight and brown, now what! I have no idea what I am going to do tomorrow, everything I want is out of style.
  9. That slide show was a grea idea Jordan.
  10. I know some of the deer hunters wives might like these.
  11. OK I had to go look as well and I had one on my pm block list and I definitely didn't put him there. It was Hubby . I wonder how that happened. He never Pm's me cause he sits right across from me.
  12. Does the boyfriend drive a light colored truck? Maybe he waited a day! This is so sad.
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