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  1. I saw on Facebook about an accident this weekend that involved a motorcycle rider that died instantly. No names were given but they said he was only 23 years old. Anyone aware of this? So young. RIP
  2. Got my letter yesterday and started looking on Medicare's website. I didn't see anything that even compares to what I had. I honestly have no ideal what I'm going to do.
  3. Back in late 1999 I got a painful rash and my doctor said it was shingles. I took the meds but instead of getting better the. Rash became worst and I started getting it in different areas of my body. Pay attention if the rash is in the areas that would be pressure points. After 2 1/2 years of hives that became hard red and itching, and then blistering I found Dr. Robert Swerlick. He is the main doctor at Emory Dermotology. He was a blessing for me. I have what is called delayed pressure urticaria. I take meds daily for this. I still get hives from time to time especially if I have stress but
  4. Thanks everyone! They finally called back. They want to start him on amiodarone again and schedule a cardioversion again. This will be number four and he just admitted to me that he is scared to have it done again. They said after they get him back in rhythm then they will schedule the ablation. Beach Bum did they do that to your sister and can you get me the name of her doctor? Thanks!
  5. Just a little background. My husband has battled a-fib for a couple of years. He had the cardioversion done three times a couple of years ago and took amiodarone for three months to get his heart to stay in rhythm. Amiodarone is a very lethal drug if taken for an extended time that can damage your lungs. Anyway during that time he had a lot of wheezing and fluid build up in which they thought he had asthma. He saw an Pulmonary doctor who after treating him for asthma decided to test him for asthma and found out that he does not have it. The wheezing was caused from the heart. His heart has sta
  6. Anyone know what is going on? There is one at Windale, another one right past the beauty shop, and two more across from Grands. Just sitting there with their blue lights on.
  7. I never eat there anymore since my daughter found a roach bug in her salad one day. All they offered her was another salad, not even her money back. I guess I would have went to jail because they would have gave me my money back one way or the other.
  8. jp184

    Lake Weiss

    I know there are a lot of folks that own property on Lake Weiss that are on Paulding.com. If you are in the Mud Creek area, then you are familiar with Scooters Store. His store is the run to store in case you forgot something and the nearest bait store. I just wanted to post this to let you know that he passed away last night. RIP Scooter! http://www.weisradio.com/local-businessman-dies-in-thursday-afternoon-auto-accident/
  9. 7:30-5:30 Monday thru Thursday right now but may change to Monday thru Friday. She is looking for someone in the PCHS area or Hiram. She lives in the PCHS area but works in Hiram.
  10. I was wondering where that store was at on Austell Road. There was a man shot in the parking lot a week or two ago.
  11. Looking for reasonable childcare for a single Mom. Mom is very young and is working in fast food so she can't afford to pay the cost of most daycares. Her child is fourteen months old and is a very well behave little one. My daughter and myself have been helping out some but we can't do it all the time. Thanks!!!!
  12. Thanks everyone for responding. She found an iPhone for $40.00 on one of the facebook sites. Hopefully this will hold her over until November.
  13. Looking for a Verizon phone for a friend. She is young and a single mom so she can't afford a lot. The phone she had was a used iphone and it stopped working. She is not up for an upgrade until November. Thanks!!!
  14. I think the wreck happened around lunch time but it took a long time to clear everything up. My daughter went by and said the little black car had a blue tarp over it. She said it really looked bad and her thoughts was that there was a fatality. Prayers for all involved and their families.
  15. The manager and maintenace supervisor at Magnolia Creste Apartments are both from Paulding County. I do not live there but know both of them and I visit the property often and do not see any problems there. The manager was born and raised in Paulding County and the maintenance supervisor has lived in Paulding County for over 30 years. I used to be an apartment manager andI know that no matter where you look there will always be someone that will have something bad to say about the property. Just remember there are bad people every where even in nice subdivisions. My advice to you as someone w
  16. I know a parent who has a fake twitter and instagram. She says its a way to know what her kid is up to and the kids they know. I say thats a good parent.
  17. Message sent.
  18. We own in Cotton Cove Two and there are several folks there from Paulding County. It is recreational but several folks have houses and some are campers with pole barns. If you buy a house in there you have to sign a legency agreement with Alabama Power and if you buy a pole barn you cannot build a house. There is a house next door to me that is for sale. There are two houses for sale and a couple of pole barns for sale that I'm aware of. We're off highway 22 which is what Black Bluff changes into. We have cave springs water, sewer paved road and trash pickup. We have owned there since 2006 a
  19. Your right Millcreek, I just was told this. My husbands co-worker knew the teens. Sad two young lifes lost. Im not sure who was in the other vehicle and I was told it was a head on wreck. Prayers for everyone involved.
  20. Were two teenagers killed in this wreck? I saw on anothrr site that a teen male and female from Paulding died either last night or early this morning.
  21. jp184

    Black Bear

    They called Animal Control and DNR but neither were concerned. DNR told them to just stay away from it. They were told that it might go after small animals.
  22. jp184

    Black Bear

    No its not a trick. Several people shared it today on facebook and I shared it on fox5's facebook.
  23. jp184

    Black Bear

    My daughter's neighbor took these pictures this morning from her yard. They live in the area of Mount Zion Church Road and Hulsey town Road. If your in that area please watch your children and pets. http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk124/jrayperr/Lori%20bear.jpg http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk124/jrayperr/bear%20in%20Loris%20sub%202.jpg
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