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  1. Does the $250.00 cover the performance license for the movie? how far will you travel?
  2. Harvest Moon Cafe is one of the great spots in rome, http://www.myharvestmooncafe.com/default.html
  3. Small World..... that Blimp was up near Summerville yesterday: blimp seen over the gore area
  4. Just based my info off of AJC's own information..... But that is really a moot point. It just proves the point of Rupert and others that people will pay for news.
  5. Wonder how much it truly costs to store 50,000+ news papers. It's not all digital yet and someone had to find what you are looking for. Media in its current form is expensive, And if you want "breaking" news everywhere you will pay for it in some way. Not everyone can/will work for little money for long. I love the idea of every citizen with a camera, but there is still a back end to all of it. Look at twitter and facebook, great sources of information but they can not sustains themselves in the current model. on the other hand, I would love to see the big three start to charge.
  6. I own a ISP and have done fine without the governments' help. I do not plan to take any of the fund's, but I would rather have it spent on Broadband then voter fraud. ON the other hand the best thing would be for the government just to butt out.... Don't see it happening
  7. There is only 6 billion in the bailout for boardband, maybe you should read the whole bill.... acorn is getting 4.9 Billion.....
  8. I'm sorry for your loss. He was a true brother to the service.
  9. here is one of erlinger life force. the life flight 3 crew is great to work with we had them land here middle of last week
  10. Most likely a med call.... or alarm. You can go to scanpaulding.com and listen to the archive
  11. Three minutes after an suspected older tank blowing. Got Called out to a grill fire and the tank blew as we where pulling into the driveway.about five minutes in This was back in january of 07 as a note
  12. Yes there is a risk if an older tank without a safety valve is overfilled. seen it a time or two. quite a site. http://bbq.about.com/cs/suppliespropane/a/aa040602a.htm
  13. It would be Trusspassing..... One of those tricky Spots to be in.... I feel for the dogs. But it might not be the whole story... Also How does this person know the dog is dead if they did not go up to it?
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