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  1. In Georgia, only teens are restricted from using a cellphone for conversation while driving. Texting while driving is illegal for all. Personally, I find having a cell phone conversation while driving is distracting and I rarely do it but I'm not in favor of making it illegal. Lately, I'm not impressed with Paulding's government (Morrison's lawsuit, speed traps, extra 1% sales tax) so I am not traveling to Paulding to shop and bank. I'll do business in Cobb. Not that it's perfect, but I see no reason to provide benefit to Paulding's government.
  2. What exactly is written on that jacket? Milligan? I googled it and didn't find much. What do you think is written on the back? May or may not be useful...he could have picked it up in a thrift store or stolen it, too.
  3. Just curious...if no documentation is required why the link to income guidelines?
  4. Give Reddit.com a try. It is full of interesting topics that change regularly. There are some very witty people on there and an amazing amount of categories in which to browse. There are sub-reddits for the Atlanta area and a quick search brought up quite a few involving Paulding County. There is some adult material so I don't recommend it for kids.
  5. At tonight's game it appeared to me that Cobb schools allow those with disability placards or license plates to park inside the stadium. Looks like there's no need to get a wheelchair on a school bus since one can drive oneself into the stadium area to park one's own vehicle. I doubt there was a parking fee for those using in-stadium disabled parking but I can't be positive on that point.
  6. Not positive but the last time I was by that corner I think Dong Bang had closed. I bought green tea powder in there once for a recipe. Try calling Nature's Corner @ 678-833-5916. They are near the intersection of Due West/Kennesaw Due West/Acworth Due West Roads in Marietta (west Cobb).
  7. I'm curious so look forward to the response. It may be that another booster organization is benefiting from the parking fee and not the football boosters. Did you write to Allatoona to ask?
  8. Yes, I recall being able to search the Social Security Death Index for free a few years back but now it's locked down. I don't appreciate our tax dollars being used to gather this information and it being held hostage by a private firm. In my recent research I found these sites useful: Find A Grave http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gs& Many archived newspapers here: http://news.google.com/newspapers Also, the Cobb library system provides access to a genealogy service for cardholders for free and Paulding may do the same. It's called HeritageQuest through GAL
  9. I use turn signals even when there is no one around! Just trained myself to always use them so I don't have to worry that I didn't. One of my pet peeve traffic offenses is when people drive over a white painted gore area, particularly to make a right turn further up the road. It is put there in place of a concrete barrier but is supposed to have the same effect. Today while sitting on Hwy. 92 in front of Stars and Strikes I saw a large truck, a pickup truck, and a white SUV pull into the right turn lane way before the entrance to S&S, drive over the white pained lines, and continu
  10. [/size] Please read the following "DSS Notice Regarding Secession Petitions November 16, 2012 DSS personnel have recently received questions from security personnel at cleared contractors about whether contractors should file adverse information reports pursuant to NISPOM paragraph 1-302 regarding cleared persons who sign petitions to allow a state to withdraw or secede from the United States. It also appears that erroneous statements have been made to the effect that DSS is directing contractors to treat the signing of such petitions as reportable adverse informatio
  11. http://dallas-hiram.patch.com/articles/cobb-teen-missing-since-friday-6ffdf1ca#photo-12224497 He's been found! Very happy for him and his family! Was found walking at Marietta Country Club golf course off Stilesboro Road.
  12. UPDATE: HE'S BEEN FOUND. http://dallas-hiram.patch.com/articles/cobb-teen-missing-since-friday-6ffdf1ca#photo-12224497 Just received a CodeRed phone alert from Cobb County police (automated alert system) regarding the following: http://dallas-hiram.patch.com/articles/cobb-teen-missing-since-friday-6ffdf1ca#photo-12224497 see photos in the link From The Patch: "Cobb County authorities are asking for the public’s assistance in helping them locate a missing 16-year-old special needs boy who may have been seen in Paulding County. According to Cobb Police, Wilford Hard
  13. Read the article in the AJC and you'll see that the grandmother "got on to" her daughter about mistreatment when the boy was a toddler but that they then "dissappeared from" her life. They've lived in California, Arizona, Ohio, and Georgia and possibly other states. The grandmother hasn't seen the grandson since he was a toddler and didn't even know that the two granddaughters existed. This is an absolutely horrible situation. I will keep those children in my thoughts and prayers.
  14. I'd have to agree with Winston...LPPT's comments were snarky and hint at intimidation. Namely, "think that would be great Winston, hopefully you will know an economic development expert to help you interpret what you are looking at when you get it." This statement implies Winston isn't capable of understanding anything remotely as complicated as an incentive package offered to a business. and "Winston you get those records, I will be glad to put you and your expert on camera with our economic director of Paulding county." This statement is demanding and intimidating and implies
  15. We have Netflix and I like it but it doesn't get the latest releases. The kids like the shows on Netflix like the older Drake and Josh, SpongeBob, Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Family Ties. They also like the fact based shows like MythBusters and Man vs. Wild. They have come to love not having commercial breaks, just a few seconds of blacked out screen, and then back to the show. They use the Wii to pick up the wireless stream. We have an antenna in the attic and get the over-the-air channels on a couple of the TVs. We have a Roku on another TV and pi
  16. Who should really be advertising on police cars are bail bondsmen, attorneys, ambulance services, hospitals, family counselors, and DUI schools. How about liquor stores, strip clubs, and pawn shops?
  17. It just dawned on me that I could look up the person whose name was on the card on spokeo.com or the whitepages.com. I found a listing with the right name and middle initial in a nearby town in Paulding County. I called and left a message so hopefully the card will be back with it's owner soon, if it isn't already. EDIT TO ADD: Just got a call back and the owner is happy and about to go retrieve the card from the store.
  18. I found a debit card today in a store in Hiram and left it with the customer service department. If you need help remembering where you lost it send me a private message with some kind of information about the card and, if it matches, I'll let you know where it is. Of course, you may have already retraced your steps and have it back now. Have a nice day!
  19. I'm disappointed in you Pubby. Your choice of headline has shock value and I guess that's what you want. You then go on to attack your own subscribers/members by searching their names and posting them concerning their use of the word terrorist. I'm taking a break from your site as I choose not to support you and your efforts to link conservatives to terrorism. You are shooting yourself in your foot by alienating many potential worthwhile members. Bye!
  20. I, too, like Spokeo.com. Usually cell numbers are not going to come up on these types of search sites, though. I also search numbers on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. A little information can lead to a LOT of information which can be searched further. PM me the info if you want a little help.
  21. Do the street vendors sell them for less than delivery or the price in a store?
  22. Congrats! I voted for them again yesterday.
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    Hmmm...didn't even know PC had an FB!
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