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  1. Yeah I am we live in southern trace so we are planning on taking the kids to it Friday night
  2. We went one year and there was a lot of people and some of the booths ran out of candy. They are doing a trunk fest at Ragsdale Elementary Friday night if you would be interested in that?
  3. Most definately you are more then welcome to come celebrate with us. It's for Briley the oldest she will be 8 this year they are growing up way to quick girl!
  4. I am looking for a building to rent to have a birthday party. Does anyone have any suggestions? I looked into the enclosed pavilion at White Oak and can't really afford that. The party will be in Decemeber. Thanks
  6. My dad had one and the only concern I had was he is diabetic and he couldn't take his glucoflage (I know that is spelt wrong) when he had the test. Had to call his doctor to get something else called in and the doctor called the wrong thing in and my dad lost conciousness because of it. His sugar got WAY too low scared the heck out of me cause I wasn't expecting that to happen. So that was the only thing that happened with him. He did have to drink PLENTY of water had to keep his head elevated to make sure the dye didn't go to his head.


    Is this the one you guys are talking about? http://abcnews.go.com/2020/
  8. I have a friend that lives in NY and she is trying to win a photo contest. The voting ends at 9 if you will please go "like" this page and then like/vote for his picture she would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!! https://www.facebook.com/ismilestudios?sk=wall#!/photo.php?fbid=10150286369292229&set=pu.50386262228&type=1&theater
  9. The triplets are in bed by 8 but normally don't fall asleep until 8:30 (they are 5) My 7 year old bedtime is 8:30 but normally not asleep til 9
  10. I lived in Merchants court apartments for a VERY short time and the things that go on there are insane. It was so bad we wouldn't even let the kids go play outside when the murder suicide happened we had to explain to our 5 and 3 year old why a dead body was being brought out where everyone could witness it. I am so glad we got out of that area.
  11. NOOOOOOO!!!! LOL they are gonna mess it up. But I will say out of the three they have picked to play Johnny I think that Justin Timberlake would be the best.
  12. Im sorry wasn't trying to be a smart butt...lol..I was confused I was thinking they redid Dirty Dancing and I didn't hear about it. I hope the NEVER try to remake that one.
  13. I have been following his story for a long time now, his mom has a blog at prayforluke.com He is such an amazing boy and their faith is so good.
  14. I heard if you seperate them from the other ones and have them seperate they last a little longer.
  15. Try Gamers in Villa Rica they have all the old style games and systems for sale
  16. Yeah right by Pine Ridge Baptist and trailer parks. Hits too close to home sometimes.
  17. It was mainly off 61, Ridge Rd and Baker's Bridge Rd from what I was told.
  18. Dr Young is awesome!! The staff is good too. We have been there 7 years.
  19. West Atlanta Pediatrics is the best!!! Our kids LOVE Chad, and they also like Dr Young. Definately give them a call!!
  20. /you should br good then my neighbors kid was born at Cobb and was just over a year also.
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