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  1. Lovin Life with Ann!

  2. saw you peekin ... thought I would peek back..LOL

    Merry Christmas

  3. just checking..haven't heard from u in a while....Happy Thanksgiving

  4. just dropin in to say hey. Have a good day :)

  5. just saw you peekin thought I would say hello

  6. I saw you peakin and thought I'd say hello

  7. Just stopped in to say hello. I hope u had a good weekend.

    I like ur new oict.

  8. Hey back...Thought I fell off the face of the world?

  9. Looking foreward to your show!!!

  10. Hello I thought I would drop in and say it back to you . I hope you have a good day! and a safe 4th

  11. Congrats on passing ur test

    Woo Hoo :)

  12. welcome to pcon

    Hope you enjoy your stay...Be careful you'll get hooked on it! LOL

  13. Hey ..small world hu?

    have a good day:)

  14. Just droped in to say Hello


  15. just sayin hello and bumped ur stars.have a good day :)

  16. Hey there just droped in...guess who?

  17. LOL...u know it has

  18. It was a joy meeting you today :)

  19. I see u peakin...

    Dont work to hard :)

  20. Just droped in to say hello,and glad everyone is ok.have a good day:)

  21. I like the new personal pict. HOT....have a good day!!

  22. droped in 2 say hey & bunp ur stars..lol have a good day

  23. cought you lookin..just thought I would look back and bump your stars have a good day

  24. Just droped in to say Hello

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