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  1. I need to get kitties vaccinated and fixed. I'm looking for an affordable place to take them. Any suggestions?
  2. There is a place called Another Broken Egg. Got to try it! They are only open till 2:00pm, i think. But if you want a great breakfast this is the place. Its on the main road next to the Winn-Dixie on the right if you are going toward the Destin bridge.
  3. It's snowing on Gold Mine Rd.
  4. Does anyone have a suggestion of a place to do community service work that's not janitorial, like folding clothes, shelving items, or office work?
  5. No call here. I posted when my principal announced it.
  6. No school Friday for students.
  7. I heard there was a wreck at the railroad crossing in Villa Rica Saturday night involving an eighteen wheeler and a car. Does anyone have any details?
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