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  1. I spent some time with Gary Lee's Daughter today and she wasn't sure of the final arrangements yet. She will let me know as soon as arrangements are made. I will write a new post with the information as soon as I have it. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and prayers for the family. Cherokee Indian BTW, I was mistaken in saying that Gary Lee stopped breathing 2 times. It was actually his heart had stopped 2 times and they had to resesitate (sp?), which is why he was put on life support. His daughter told me that they found out he had a stroke 2 days ago when they moved him from ICU to a regular room. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't giving inaccurate information.
  2. You're right. There is never a good time for any kind of loss in our lives. The loss will be difficult for the family to deal with, and I feel that because it was on Christmas Eve, it will be even harder to handle. I typed this and then I noticed that some more posts had been added. After reading what Lady Raider and PinkCrickett said, it sheds a different light on it for me. I was only thinking of how awful it was to happen on Christmas Eve, but I hadn't thought about him spending his first Christmas with loved ones or being with Jesus on his Birthday. He is out of pain now and will suffer no more. Thank you for helping me cope with his loss by sharing your thoughts. I will be seeing his Daughter later today and the words will not come easy. I may share some of your comments with her to try and help comfort her. I will be sure to tell her about all of the support from friends that have responded today. May God Bless each and every one of you. Cherokee Indian
  3. It is very sad. I'm sure that the family didn't have a choice, but the timing makes it even more difficult being on Christmas Eve. I know a friend that lost his only Son on Christmas Day, and it is a very hard time for him and his wife every year. There isn't a "good" time for something like this to happen, I only wish it could have been postponed a couple of days. Thank you for your prayers, I know the family appreciates them all. Cherokee Indian
  4. I'm new to this site and I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I've known Gary Lee since I was in High School but haven't seen him in quite a few years. My Son and Gary Lee's Daughter have been in a relationship for about a year now. They are expecting a baby in May 2007, which will be Gary's Grandbaby. I received a phone call from my Son on Christmas Eve, telling me that Gary had stopped breathing a couple of times the night before. He was not breathing on his own and had been put on life support. From what I understand, they ran 2 CT Scans to determine brain activity and discovered that there was none. Around midnight, Gary Lee's Family had to make a very difficult and devastating decision to remove the life support system. I'm know that Gary Lee's Family could use all your prayers to help them through this extremely difficult time. Gary Lee will be missed and remembered, by many friends and loved ones. May God be with them all and help console each one as they mourn his passing. As I said in the beginning, I'm very sorry to be the bearer of this tragic news. I know from reading the posts about Gary, that he had people that cared about him. Many have been expressing their concerns and keeping up with his condition. I felt that everyone involved would want to know as soon as possible. Cherokee Indian
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