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  1. It's not too hard to figure out who shouldn't be voting.
  2. President Birther should have due process? The MAGAt that wanted to crucify the Central Park 5 without due process even after they were cleared? The POS that wanted to "lock her up" even though she testified for 11 hours before Congress and he won't step inside a confessional booth because his lawyers know he is a "trucking liar"?
  3. What are the root causes? I don't take corporate spin at face value, do you?
  4. Did you read the entire article or did you just skim through the article for what suited your agenda?
  5. Not selling? Could that be because wages are stagnant so people that can't afford SUVs also can't afford cars? Or because the cost of living as outpaced Trump's taxcut? Tariffs anyone? Is that why the Chinese are telling farmers where they can stick their soy?
  6. Correct! But, let's not forget to award the incoming Speaker and Democratic House of their fair share of blame.
  7. Not a word out of spin out of Bagdhad Betty and Freddie the Fact Fabricator. The talking points must be delayed.
  8. Which means there will be further job cuts as the ripple effect reaches those that provide service and goods to those plants.
  9. If we had more good guys with guns, the bad guys with guns would get away while police shot the good guys with guns. The good guy with guns theory just got shot to hell. The video of the incident gets buried in bureaucracy.
  10. The Shining The Exorcist The Omen Nightmare on Elmstreet Grizzly It's Alive
  11. That's the difference between conservatives and level headed people. We aren't afraid to disagree with one another. Conservatives must tow the partisan line.
  12. What's the value of live's lost for someone else's war profiteering? Name some affluent youth that have died in a war. I bet the percentages are well below 1%. There aren't any named Trump or Romney in modern history.
  13. There is nothing in the article that vindicates him of wrongdoing either. So, why won't Kemp share the requested information? Got something to hide?
  14. Care to support your claims with links and proof of hate coming from the Top? CC has already shown you the proof of the hate coming from the top of the Republican leadership. Wow! A perfect description of the foul odors that emit from Guard Dad's posts.
  15. Then charge her with a crime and let's see what information the subpoenas turn up.
  16. Blah, blah, blah... Socialize the debt and privatize the profits. When this country goes to war for corporate interests, what percentage of blood do the top 20% sacrifice on the front lines?
  17. You condone concealing information? His campaign has no interest in transparency. There is usually a reason for hiding information. If they had nothing to hide, they would share the requested information with Fox 5. Concealing facts about improprieties doesn't mean they don't exist.
  18. Wouldn't it be nice to have a bank act as a personal piggy-bank during lean times?
  19. Glad to see you included fascism, the right wing form of totalitarianism.
  20. You discredit yourself, you don't need any help.
  21. As a father, a brother and a son, I don't condone a failure to pursue every possible lead. If she is found to be truthful, he should be charged. If she is found to have lied, she should be charged. But all of the available facts should be pursued and reviewed. He was at a job interview, not in a criminal court. I don't think he'd have been hired by anyone else but the government. You guys always say government doesn't work. The reason is because people that don't like government get government jobs and TRUCK it up.
  22. Anyone found to have obstructed another person's right to vote should be subjected to punitive damages in civil court and criminal charges.
  23. Calling Michelle an ape and mocking Obama's daughters was okay? Must have been because I don't recall you complaining.
  24. And what incited the riot? It wasn't rhetoric from the President. It was police not being held accountable for brutality and murder.
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