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  1. sorry It will not work anymore If that xbox has been knocked over and the disc is inside the Laser the reads the disc will burn circles in it and it will not work anymore
  2. I've only met Johnny a Couple of times he has been the most easy going pcommer ever a real classy person I hope he recovers well May GOD Be with you My Friend
  3. Where do i submit my answer to your question on how to win tickets
  4. I just got a email about this dog being missing on Home Again Website I hope you find her soon
  5. quick question what transformer did he break b/c i have a deep desert brawl unopened if u need one
  6. Does anyone on here know the history about polies corner I just now realized that there were toombstones there and i was courious about that
  7. I knew His Wife Very well is a friend of my family
  8. kathy i just replaced my power supply not to long ago i might be able to tak a look at it if you want me too
  9. Ants is what probably bit you i was bitten twice by the little suckers today and i was in the water when i was bitten too
  10. hmm I would do this pour some gasoline in the hole light it and run but if you have some gun powder pour it into the with the gasloine then light it up it will go BOOM
  11. The Only Cartoon shows i will watch any more are the Generation 1 TRANSFORMERS and GI JOE
  12. let him go get his ears pierced like other people have said you must choose your battles
  13. does anyone know why the gas station at the corner of 92 and 278 is closed down
  14. contact subby he will be the one to know your lawnmower trouble
  15. watching first contact right now myself
  17. Yes Siver Springs florida is worth the money And you can snorkle with the fish there also the water is a tad cold but you will get used to it here are some pics i took when i was down there last year couple more pics
  18. was storming like crazy here in hiram area wind was blowing strong felt like the trees were gonna fall
  19. try the HUB It is a Network By Hasboro it has some of the best cartoon on there also late at night they show Transformers Gen1 ans The Old Gijoe cartoons
  20. anyone know where i can find a good power supply for my Cpu Im using my mothers laptop to post this but I went to plug thr pc in hit the power button and it would not come up
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