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  1. Who's been naughty? And who's been Naaaaauuuugggghhhtttyyy?
  2. Ok ladies and gentlemen, more on the topic and less on the insults.
  3. Just who are you calling White Trash, Ms Church Lady? Hang tough, sista!
  4. Passing this report: Over to Andy. Possum taken from Truck. Can't wait to see his face on this one.
  5. Everyone turn around and get back on path.
  6. You know a girl has got to have fun.
  7. Topic Closed :Posters question has been answered.
  8. Please feel free to report again. Report button to your left. Please take this opportunity to refresh yourself on the Paulding.com Rules, particularly Rule #6 and the section on "Public complaints of moderation."
  9. I just got on the job. That is why.
  10. So glad you took the plunge and decided to hop on board and join us. I love your warehouse.
  11. Boss Hogg just to let you know after a quick check of the Mayberry street's this morning. Come lunch time Aunt Bea will have us one of her special lunch's ready around 12:00. She baked a big apple pie. See you there at 12:00.
  12. I've been patrolling the back streets of Mayberry. Andy also gave me a list of stuff to take care of so i wrapped that up. Now back to work for me. Have a nice day in Mayberry . PS: If you are in any need of assistance.Just give me a call.
  13. Ok Boy's you get on this side of the computer and you get on the other. We are on the road again. Have a nice day in Mayberry land.
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