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  1. Yeeeee Haw! Shot gun time. Thank you Andy and Hello Sarah? for the leadership on this.
  2. You are right. Ms. Clara should have notified you. I think you know the reason why it was set invisible since that has been a rule around here since even before I came on board. You should PM Sheriff Andy if you have any more concerns about this.
  3. Circa 1886. Chef's Menu. With the wine pairings. Wonderful.
  4. Before this goes the way these threads usually do, it's closed. We all know what and why.
  5. He is only 30 and doesn't look a day over 25!
  6. Other warnings have been sent, too. Posting PMs is a No-No.
  7. This is the sort of stuff that makes it very hard to keep moderators.
  8. Carry the passport. Required or not, it is just a lot easier. Everyone should have a passport, even if not traveling oversees. Having that extra form of ID is invaluable.
  9. The thread is still relevant as a new item so this will stay in the Cafe for now. Carry on. Shop Mayberry often and buckle those sheet belts. Stay away from those Bradley Girls.
  10. Gas everything in this deputy home. Have been gas for nearly 50 years.
  11. Would you give it a rest? Geeesh! I will tell Gomer he has some competition. In the mean time, I'm sending Rafe on break so he CAN COOL DOWN AND CHILL A BIT.
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