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  1. Just saw you guys on the news. I have not been on in a while but was still proud!!! Congrats!!
  2. I recorded it last night and made a ringtone. It's for my mom who has been singing it since they showed it on tv. Love it!!! It's very catchy.
  3. that was neat thanks for sharing!
  4. As the mom of two girls I must say they rock!!!! Congrats!! And Ava is a great name too..... My 18 month old is Ava named after my great grandmother.
  5. Ditto!!! The only show I watch and I live for my Thursday nights!
  6. My aunt works for austell pd and was called into work. She drove 2 hours from bells ferry in kennesaw and when she turned onto Bankhead/vetrans memorial she was quickly greeted by national gaurd. They told her to turn around and go home. Whom ever was in the station was there to stay and no one was allowed in. This is so sad!!! Pray for everyone in this horrible situation.
  7. From what I can tell it's between mt tabor and 92. At the horse farm.
  8. As I sit with tears rolling down my face, my heart is breaking for this family and all that have been touched by this story. I pray that god will give the bass family strength to endure this and the coming days and that he will give them a peace that passes all understanding. As I told my3crazyboys this morning it is important that we focus on god during this tragdy as he is in control. We must praise him for the joy he allowed Ashton to bring and the time we had togeher. It's is so easy to sit and question why but really we need to be asking what. What can do for the bass family and what is i
  9. I am coming in in a little while. I am so excited!!!! i have been waiting for this. see you this afternoon.
  10. I don''t believe so. They are still associated with the restaurant in Powder Springs. Johnny's son is our new youth minister at FBCD.
  11. Prayers for his family and friends. I have had the privilege of meeting Mr. Ratteree at FBCD. He was dedicated to his family and church. May God give his loved ones the peace that passes all understanding. God Bless!
  12. that is cool!!! what a great idea Brandi. I need to come in SOON!!!!!!!
  13. I would love to order 2 girls hats and matching scarves. I will pm in the am. They look awesome!!!!!!!
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