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  1. I saw the story on ABC yesterday evening. It was a 5 year old in K at Northside. The teacher held him to the floor and the parents were not notified until the next day. The boy is a special needs student with communication delays so he was unable to tell his parents what had happened. So sad! I was in tears as I watched.
  2. I agree, PCOM is not what it once was. It's sad because I use to love this place. I still check in time to time with a little hope.
  3. This didn't happen to me but a friend of mine told me this story last week. She is pregnant and on her way to the OB appointment she stopped in a grabbed a kids meal from a local fast food place. While eating she and her 12 year old got into a sticker battle. While laying on the table at the doctor office, she noticed the assistant kept looking "down there" with a look of disgust on her face. The assistant started asking her questions about the age of her son. When she told her he was 12 she asked if he was a stamp or sticker collector. Very confused and getting upset she asked her why s
  4. I DID! Thought it was strange too. I've never seen anything like that in BH. She kept purposely walking slowly in front of my car and tried to corner me in. I almost ran over her. Guess I don't trust anyone. She gave me the creeps.
  5. Ah! That makes sense. Thanks.
  6. Having a dropped call after I've been on hold FOREVER with a business! I honestly think some little guy at Sprint does it for fun. It happens ALL the time!I hate that little voice that reminds me "your call will be taken in the order it was received"! Grrrr!
  7. I know this is an old topic but like the OP I couldn't find anything in my google search. The curfew is 12 on weekends and 11 during the week?? Is that correct? Also does anyone know what punishment is given to violators? Any experiences with your teens regarding this? TIA
  8. 1. Not being able to afford school shoes for my 8 year old because of the endless list of supplies I had to buy for the "classroom supply". 2. Watching my husband hobble across a parking lot because all the handicap spaces are taken by cars with no permit. 3. Incompentent people who are unable to flush a public toilet. 4. Most insurance and cable commercials. Wow, that actually made me feel better
  9. I've been in that situation many many times. I have to keep Imitrex on hand! My doctor would always give me samples. A few years ago a product called Treximet was put on the market. It is sumatriptan (main ingredient in imitrex) and naproxen. My doctor office kept samples of it and would give it to me any time I needed it. Good luck. I know how it is to not be able to afford that miracle pill. Check with the doctors office.
  10. Yes it was Sylvia Browne. Sadly, at the time I was a big fan of hers. I was very disappointed she wasn't able to help but was ANGRY when the show aired and I saw how it was edited. Thanks for your kind words.
  11. Unfortunately not. If you watch the episode it looks like they solved it. They asked if I knew this person and that person etc.... my response was no but they showed clips of me shaking my head yes in response to other questions.
  12. No, actually the unsolved murder investigation of my brother!!! The producers contacted me.
  13. I was on The Montell Williams Show in 2005. They did the same thing...fancy hotel, limos, hair & make up. I did not get a script but the show was edited so well it looked like I said things I didn't.
  14. I've had problems sleeping for many years. I have found that putting my TV on the ID Channel (#285 on Directv) helps a lot. It is very monotone and I can just roll over, close my eyes and listen to it without watching. It helps keep my mind from racing all over the place in the quiet. If you can't handle the investigation stories, try a news channel like HLN or CNN. Good luck! I hope you find something that helps. I just remembered a friend of mine has started drinking 1-2oz of TART CHERRY JUICE before bed and swears by it. I haven't tried it but it seems to work well for her.
  15. VERY cute!!! It looks so inviting. Makes me want to come relax on your porch.
  16. Although I don't agree with the entrance of the store being inside the subdivision, it sounds like the owners of the homes in the subdivision were aware that lot was zoned for commercial. If not, it is public record and any buyer should do research prior to their purchase. ANYONE who purchased their homes 10+ years ago are ALL in the same boat no matter where the property is located. It sucks but what can we do? Nothing. I do live in the area (not the subdivision) and am looking forward to the opening of this store. After losing a buttload of equity in my home and the rise of gas prices I
  17. I recently found Dr. Michael Lee on 120. LOVE HIM!!!! It is very easy to get an appointment and the staff is wonderful! His prices were unbelievably cheap! This may have been because of my insurance but I was VERY impressed!
  18. YAY! Thanks for making my day!!!! I've wanted one for a long time!
  19. ugh! I was hoping it was Olive Garden.
  20. Thank u for posting. I get 8-12 migraines a month AND I take a preventer every day. Luckily Imitrex gets rid of them but if there's any way to prevent it I will definitely try. Thanks again.
  21. Nine years ago today this world lost a precious soul. I love you buddy......I'm still trying to fulfill the promise I made to you. I'm no closer today as I was that day and I'm so sorry I let you down. I will never give up. I love you buddy.....always and forever like we always promised. Rip Shad, I love you! 9-5-81 - 9-15-02
  22. TThis could definitely happen to me. We have a finished basement that we never go to. I went down earlier this week and realized I hadn't been down there in months. I realized then how scary that was. I'm going to try to go down more often.
  23. My child had a very bad speech delay. When he was 2 we had a 30 minute battle trying to figure out what he wanted to eat. After a lot of tears (from both of us) I finally realized "want nuthin!!!!!!!" Meant he wanted a muffin.
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