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  1. I am looking to purchase a heat press for my vinyl projects such as shirts, bags, etc. Can anyone recommend some things that I need to consider? Pros Cons. Size, temp. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated
  2. Some meat is from other countries like Mexico, China, and Canada. I only get my meat from Publix or Food Depot They only sell meat from The USA.
  3. Amerispec is awesome 770-445-1964 Tim Maxwell
  4. Does anyone know when the next sub-training for Paulding County will be? Can't find any info on their website.
  5. Prayers for you! 1 Thessalonians 5:17
  6. I think if they brought one that it would do great! They even have an app for your phone for when they are hot.
  7. Someone told me that we are getting a Krispy Kreme in Dallas, where the old Arby's used to be. On the sign it says No Krispy Kreme. Does anyone know if we are getting one?
  8. Can someone recommend a good chiropractor ?
  9. Awesome decision BOE. I'm sure there will still be some complaining. I have already seen it today. Some people will complain about the sunshine.. Very happy! No complaints here
  10. Polk County has school tomorrow for teachers and students. So I figure if they are in session, Paulding County wil be also.
  11. Back up plan? I know people that are still stuck on the roads. They should have dismissed earlier.
  12. First of all stay in the park. All of the resorts are great, and you get to use the busses. The best value resort is Pop-Century because they do not share busses with any of the other resorts. You also get the extended hours for the parks. Magic Kingdom is open until 3 am a couple of night a week and the other parks stay open til like 11 or 12 on the extended hours. Get a hopper pass so you can do what you want. If you get too tired you can leave and return as many times as you like. Have fun and enjoy planning your vacation The water parks are a lot of fun too.
  13. Mr. Morris was such a sweet person, that loved people and The Lord with all of his heart. He will be missed.
  14. Alaska in the summer is beautiful! Went on a cruise and the weather and scenery was breathtaking. Just don't go on a Carnival Ship. LOL
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