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  1. It is Richland Creek Reservior
  2. The theme for this year's parade is"Be the inspiration". The parade is always the first Saturday in December. This year's parade date is December 1, 2018. The parade always kicks off at 1 pm (starting time). The parade goes on rain or shine and no refunds are available if you can not attend. Registration begins at 10 AM. You must be registered and in position by 11 AM in order to be judged. You must be registered and in your assigned position by 12 noon.
  3. I've been keeping my dryer lint for this purpose.
  4. I believe she was her SIL, husbands sister
  5. And he was 5 years old, not a toddler. His parents are saying they were finished eating and leaving the restaurant so the child was not just wandering around.
  6. Douglas Women's Center 770-941-8662 The website has a list of insurance which includes medicare part B and wellcare medicare
  7. There are hundreds of them available on ebay. Price,as always,depends on condition.
  8. The TropicsThe formal term "tropics" refers to that part of Earth where the sun is directly overhead at some point during each solar year, and at 90 degrees to the horizon at some point during each day. This area is described on a globe as being any place located between the Tropic of Cancer to the north of the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn to the south. The tropic of Cancer runs at 23° 26′ 16″, between Key West and Cuba, and Key West is at 24° 33' 81" Therefore, although they are as close to the tropics as it is possible to get without leaving the contiguous U.S., the Florida Keys and K
  9. Dalton Expansion Project it is natural gas
  10. but it's spelled McDonalds
  11. petie


    So sorry to hear, at least you did what you could for him
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_State_Defense_Force
  13. Know what a garden spider is. Here are some key characteristics. Physical features: Females are 3/4 to 1 1/8” (19-28 mm) long and males are 1/4" to 3/8" (5-9 mm) long. Poisonous: No Lives in: the United States Eats: These spiders are beneficial because they eat a wide variety of garden pests. They actively catch their prey during daylight hours. They tend to eat flies, moths, wasps, mosquitoes, beetles, and grasshoppers.
  14. Good for you . I had to look it up because every cashier gave me a different answer and one always wanted to see my ID (like I don't look 60 lol) which I rarely carry. Anyway I learned to avoid her line.
  15. Kroger discount begins at 60
  16. We were told the same story(at least very similar) last week at Home Depot in Hiram
  17. There are still several in Gahttp://www.driveinmovie.com/GA.htm
  18. yes, they used special equipment and found them the next day
  19. I hope you are right because this feels like someone stirring the pot waiting for the right moment to spill the beans. I have begun to think of pcom as the all gossip channel.
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