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  1. On 5/1/2020 at 2:41 AM, gpatt0n said:

    Today, the AJC also reported that 80 percent of those hospitalized in Georgia were black.  This may be largely because race, poverty and access to good health care run hand in hand but for those ill and dying, why should they be the one's to sacrifice. 




    I don't think we know the reasons yet, but certainly need to find out. It could simply be that something unique to black people's genetic make-up makes then more susceptible.  We already know that people with blood type A are more susceptible, while people with blood type O are less so. The vast majority of deaths from COVID-19 were people in their 70s and older with health issues.  For whatever reason, it doesn't bother smokers as much. We still have lots to learn about this demon.

    Regarding reopening the state...we need to, and as quickly as is safe. In my opinion, we could reopen even more aggressively, but the governor would surely be criticized if he did so.

    At this point, the damage to our economy and the extreme cabin fever sitting is are likely more of a threat than COVID-19 is. Add to that...when people start losing their homes and businesses, the suicide and mental illness rates could certainly be worse than the virus.

    Especially given the revised number of deaths due to COVID-19, we got off very easy, considering. And ironically, the total death rates as compared to the same period last year are way down.  Also contrary to what the media has told us, most of the hospitals are ghost towns, and they are laying off or furloughing staff.

    I don't have all the answers, but this has been a crazy time for us. Lots of  things that don't make sense, but the numbers help to explain at least part of it.  True that the virus isn't gone, but antibody testing is indicating that far more people have had it than medical science expected. Many people get it asymptotically, and the theories that some of us had it in December or January are looking much more possible all the time. The possibilities of a safe vaccine anytime soon are not good, so the best defense we have against the virus is herd immunity.  And quarantining or any semblance of it only slows that down.

    It's time to start returning to normal, or at least as close to normal as we can.  The best thing we can do is to try and protect our elderly and health compromised. The rest of us need to move beyond fear and live life.

  2. 10 hours ago, glassdogs said:

    I, too, have a small box truck for my business.  It's parked on a concrete slab next to my garage, and looks presentable.   I took the OP's comments to read that the truck in question was parked on the street. 


    You used to have a trailer. :)

    This is what the OP said



    It's seemingly always in the driveway.


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  3. In full disclosure...many years ago when my business was young, I was living in a west Cobb subdivision and working out of my home. I was starting an installation division in my company, and I bought a box truck so I could carry the materials and equipment needed for that type of work.

    I parked the box truck on the end of my house every night, and eventually poured concrete to extend my driveway to handle it.

    A neighbor in the back of the subdivision started to complain about my truck. He first came down to announce to me that he disapproved of my truck and didn't want it there, and when I advised him that I really didn't care what he thought, he tried to have the county force me to park my truck elsewhere. Problem was...the county ordinance only applied to truck 1.5 ton and over, and my truck was 1.25 ton, so it fell under the law. There was nothing he could do about it.

    The man continued to pitch a fit; went around the neighborhood trying to get signatures on a petition, which he failed at. He even sent out flyers, trying to build support to oppose my truck. But the other neighbors knew that my truck didn't bother them, and that I was a good friend to them.

    But that didn't stop the guy, one 95 degree day, from calling me, begging for help when his air conditioner was down and he couldn't get anyone to come out for a few days.  I was the bigger man; I went and fixed his air conditioner, and charged him a fair price.  He didn't complain about my truck after that, but I really didn't care if he did because he was the jerk in the situation. I rose above the petty crap and was a good neighbor to him.

    We sold that house a few years later at more than asking price and moved to Paulding. We bought acreage, in part because of that guy who though he should be able to tell me what I could and couldn't do on my own property.  I will never again live in a subdivision, much less one with a covenant. I've built my own little piece of paradise here and my neighbors have nothing to say about it. But they wouldn't anyway, because I have helped them out on multiple occasions, and they know that I'm a good guy that they can count on.

    Live and let live.

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  4. 2 hours ago, RickB said:

    And there we have it.

    And yes, I'm definitely the "snooty" type. If you really knew, you'd get A BIG kick out of it. 


    Honestly, I don't care. I've never been one to care about "class", how much money someone has or makes, how fancy their home is, what kind of car they drive, etc. It's all superficial.  What truly defines a man is what is in his heart.  I know and associate with some very poor people and also some very wealthy people. I love them for who they are, not their bank balance.

    But your post has keywords like "very nice neighborhood", low rent, renter, etc. So that kind of gave me the snootiness feeling.

    Many FedEx drivers are independent owner/operators, so the guy might own his truck. The man is working and has a good job, I can respect that.  He could be a bum, living off the taxpayers or sitting on his butt while his wife works. He could be some kind of crook and cheat people out of their money. But that would be OK so long as there's not a truck parked in from of his house making it look "low rent", right?

    I really doubt his truck is hurting you. I respectfully suggest that there are bigger things to worry about, so live and let live. Given that he probably makes good money, odds are he'll buy a home and move before long. Hopefully to a place where people don't look down on him.

    This reminds me of why I saved our money and bought acreage. I pee off my back porch, so you probably wouldn't like living by me. LOL


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  5. 6 hours ago, glassdogs said:

    I rarely ever disagree with you, but this is one time.   Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas basically tend to deflate property values.   Or, put a lid on resale activity/vibrance.   

    Not as often as you might think.

    Being a FedEx truck, I'm sure it moves almost every day, so not a permanent fixture.

    Personally, I'd be happy that my neighbors are responsible and hard working people.

    The OP's post had an air of snootiness in it, or at least that's how I read it. I don't see that the truck is bothering him.

  6. 9 hours ago, Caped Crusader said:

    WOW... I'm TRULY disappointed in the DEEP animosity towards OUR fellow Human BEING from ALL parties posting

    in this THREAD! :cray:


    With that being SAID.... I do BELIEVE we will have a NEW Rule for the POLTICS portion that NOT 1 of you

    will be able to ABIDE by, by the stroke of MIDNIGHT!



    let's Play NICE or let's ALL go to 🕰️ OUT! :give_rose:


    Caped :hi:

    I truly believe you mean well, but I have to ask some questions:

    Are we to actually believe that the founder of this forum who is still an owner with admin access will go to time out?  Respectfully, sir, I doubt it.

    As long as he posts his hatred here and slanders members and posts his ad hominem attacks on us, it will be extremely difficult to have civil discussion. Many of us want to, but the hate in his heart makes him incapable of playing nice.

    You have decisions to make, my friend, if you are to protect your investment.


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  7. 40 minutes ago, gpatt0n said:

    Awww come on, GD. I don't hate the guy and I don't even think Bloomberg hates the guy despite his willingness to spend billions to defeat him.  Some of us just reject the idea of president as king and an absolute ruler making self-serving decisions from the gut. Put a bit differently, we just don't put much value on personal 24k gold toilets that waste 60 gallons of water with each flush.

    As far as rights, you need to revisit history. When the new world was discovered there were no democracies and Kings were apt to have people's heads on a pike for petty disagreements. Oh, and the world was flat and the universe revolved around the earth and if you didn't buy that malarkey the preachers would dunk you in a pond, draw and quarter you or put you on a rack. 

    So, where did those rights we have now come from?

    I would suggest they come from the hopes, dreams, wants and needs of mankind and those hopes, dreams, wants and needs change over time.  I mean I doubt if George Washington had any notion of a man living on a space station and feeding the hope of at least some men to make humanity a cosmic being.

    And let me assure you that even on earth, with 7+ billion people and the advent of new viruses like the  coronavirus and the chance of a pandemic, we might all hope that health care might become a right.  (BTW, a simulation of a coronavirus run before the discovery of the one in China, gamed itself into a pandemic that resulted in the 'gaming' death of 65 million. Link)

    What is critical to the establishment of rights, frankly, are changes in circumstance. One thing we know is whenever you have a concentration of animals - take chickens -  epidemics happen.  Unlike a chicken farm, which when a bird flu or other disease 'happens' results in the extermination and burial of every chicken often counted in the millions. Common sense says you can't do that with people as they object. That is a key argument for universal health care and at least one of the arguments for health care as a right.

    You are welcome to disagree but then the consequences of valuing gold toilets will eventually be measured in millions more deaths from a pandemic.

    Bottom line, IMHO, what you may call conservatism - which is nickel and dime-ing public health and depriving vulnerable groups of healthcare - is failing to accept the collective responsibility mankind should take over the human circumstance in an increasingly complex world.


    Well, you just typed a whole lot of words with virtually no value, just petty insults. Not to mention a lot of envy.

    What business is it of yours what he does with his money?

    I didn't mention conservatism above, and as usual, you made plenty of ad hominem attacks. II could respect you a lot more if you would discuss actual issues and maybe asking me what my position is on certain topics instead of just ASSuming what I believe and attacking me on it.

    This kind of crap from you is EXACTLY what killed your site and a lot of the reason why no one wants to post here now...because you;re still here and still being rude and insulting.

    Really, I don't care. But I do feel bad for the people who actually paid you money for what you destroyed.

    I'm reminded of why I don't like posting here. Time to go back to where intelligent people have civil discussion.


  8. 7 hours ago, gpatt0n said:

    Let's consider for a moment what you said, GD, about rights.

    Are you really ready to argue that your rights change based on where you are?  So where you are determines your right to life, liberty and property and it ends at the border of the town, county, state and nation.  So, do you might have a right to a jury trial in Georgia but not Alabama ... or to go  back to the 1950s, you might have the right to marry the person you love in California or New York but not Georgia or Alabama?

    Rights, if you bother to spend just a few moments exploring the logic, tend to exist independent of where you are. That was the problem with Jim Crow is that when you crossed the mason-dixon line and you were of a specific color, your rights changed.

    And rights are really independent of other things like money or even education.

    Understanding the universality of human rights doesn't mean a rich person stuck on a isolated island doesn't have a right to health care, for instance. Indeed, that person, also regardless of how much wealth or how impoverished, would have the 'same health care access' on that deserted island with no doctors and hospitals. (Kind of like southwest Georgia these days)

    The only point is that just because you are local you are not stripped of your rights and, notably, denying the things that you have a right to have by local authorities is wrong. 

    So the question revolves around to what one's right's are ... and the understanding is they are, or should be universally protected and available.

    The only thing I can surmise is that you confuse rights with responsibilities and performance with prerogatives.

    PS: Bloomberg will not be the democratic nominee. Regardless, he sees the unstudied, gut-feeling approach of DJT as stupid and dangerous and given he has the cash to change it, he has stated his willingness to spend what it takes to assure the defeat of DJT.

    PPS: Bloomberg in an interview, talked about his conversation with donny right after his election. Bloomberg said he advised #OURcurrentPRESIDENT to hire a bunch of people where were smarter than he was and take their advice noting that is what he did when he was first elected mayor of NYC and enjoyed basically two very successful terms of office.

    Of course #OURcurrentPRESIDENT replied, "I can't do that because there is no one smarter than me."  That is the last time the two men talked.


    I believe in the Constitution, and it does not claim healthcare or many other things that candidates are pushing are rights.

    I also believe that the federal government has grown WAAAAAAY beyond the scope of their constitutional authority, and I can trace almost every problem we face back to this happening.

    P.S. You really need to do something about your hatred for our president.  It's not healthy.

  9. 7 hours ago, Caped Crusader said:


    Yes Sir, I agree! With my WHOLE HEART....

    Thankful you brought that up because to be a


    **** Here is what I would like YOUR suggestion

    on... What is a HEALTHY Ratio of posts from an individual

    here on p.com  on LOCAL VS NATIONAL....?????? :hi::wub:B):80


    I Believe it should be a 1 to 1 ratio as that would indicate they are a PRODUCTIVE  poster in OUR Community?


    Your TURN... we are VOTING on this SET RULE in the NEAR FUTURE amongst the OWNERS of Paulding.com


    IMHO we have a FEW on HERE that have a difficult time balancing between the TWO! :drinks:

    I don't believe in imposing quotas on forum members.

    I am active in local politics, but under the radar. There's been too much dirty retribution from elected officials.

    Not to mention a certain 527 group owned by someone who has access to my information here who mails out dirty fliers.

  10. 4 hours ago, Caped Crusader said:



    I wish more REAL AMERICANS/ Paulding Countians that is... would/could see the VALUE in LOCALism and that other sites that claim to love this

    county are NOT driven out of LOVE for the county, rather they are either driven by GOVT or BIG Business! (or BOTH)

    54 more hours till the EPIC Bacon Wrapped Steak Drawing! :good:

    Local is extremely important, no doubt about it.

    But so is national politics. Especially when the federal government has expanded far beyond it's constitutional scope and is taking away LOCAL rights and meddling in our business. If the trend continues, we LOCAL people won't have much say as to what happens here because everything will be decided on a Socialist national level.

  11. 11 hours ago, gpatt0n said:

    I should add that the wall to wall negative ads against #OURcurrentPRESIDENT are already being booked by the Bloomberg campaign for September and October and he's smarter than the 'genius' in the white house whose main claim to fame is he is a great - really - one of the greatest CHEATERS to have ever lived.  His personal motto is "winners cheat and cheaters win."

    As I gather, Bloomberg is going to roll DJT like a dandy in central park with billions and billions more than Donny boy.

    I'm glad you can still dream, pubby. No one likes Bloomberg exept the party bosses, he's a joke. He'll only get the nomination because the DNC knows how dumb their voters are and will override them with the superdelagates.  That is how little the party bosses think of the rank and file Democratic voter.

    That's all you will have in the next election.  Your party will get an epic beating because real Americans are tired of the lies and corruption from the Democratic Party.

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  12. 7 hours ago, gpatt0n said:

    First, it has been illegal from as long as I've been alive for a candidate to accept aid from a foreign entity - person, state, company, etc. ... period.

    That is what was so disturbing about the 2016  election ... Putin heaped massive aid on #OURcurrentPRESIDENT presumably independent of the campaign and #OURcurrentPRESIDENT as Mueller could document no specific conspiracy.

    I was about six paragraphs into a long explanation when I realized that it is a complex case, like most important cases; and your broad question on which there have been books written.

    Let it suffice to say that inviting foreigners into your campaign (remember the interview with Stephanopolus where the "Don" said he'd take dirt from any foreigner and might tell the FBI?) it is kind of like when your daddy said if you're out running around after midnight, you're automatically in trouble. 

    Bottom line, #OURcurrentPRESIDENT cheats to win and I don't want him anywhere around government. In my opinion his efforts at cheating have lost him the privilege.

      Reveal hidden contents

    Okay, here he is with 391 million dollars of military aid that has gone through all the checks and investigations that bad-ass woman ambassador made them before she was fired and it is, as the GAO (Government Accountability Office) says, illegal to withhold them. (There is an actual law, passed back in the 1970s that makes it illegal for the president to withhold funds properly appropriated by congress.  Seems some of the stuff that didn't come out about Nixon was that he would twist congressmen and senators' arms by threatening to withhold funds from their districts.  It is also what would make it illegal for any president to withhold social security to all people in Minnesota or Georgia because he was pissed at a senator or congressman and go on TV and say, vote against David Perdue and I'll pay your social security.... which I'm afraid may be the next thing this not all of #OURcurrentPRESIDENT (tr ump) might do cause 'he can do what ever he wants' _)

    Anyway - I know this is getting long -  the general understanding (Ask Judge Napolitano) is he got caught trying to cheat on the 2020 election.

    Think of this as a high-stakes card game and #OURcurrentPRESIDENT is the dealer and we catch him dealing off the bottom of the deck.

    Are we to say, Oh, you're our current president and you can lie (16,000 times and counting), cheat (the Ukrainian scandal) and steal (violation of the emoluments clause etc.) the coming election and will cheer when you get 96 percent of the vote giving you bragging rights over  your bud Vlad!

    And our reaction is supposed to be "Oh wonderful, you deal off the bottom so well we will make you 'dealer for life' and let Don jr. take your place when that horrible day comes and you're no longer with us?

    Personally, I think the patriotic thing - and my family has roots that go back to those days of the original revolution - is to say, "We don't need no trucking King with his gold plated pisser."

    Bottom line, #OURcurrentPRESIDENT cheats to win and I don't want him anywhere around government. In my opinion his efforts at cheating have lost him the privilege.


    Nope. Even i he did what they say, it was well within the authority of the President of the United States.

    The Democrats have made up a fairy tail and their allies in the corrupt media is supporting them. What the Dems are trying to do is to overturn an election.

    That, is treason, and the Dems are guilty of it. Shame on them!! They will pay a heavy price in the next election.

  13. 3 hours ago, Caped Crusader said:



    we ALL are HUMAN

    Man created the different denominations for their OWN use.. Yes man was playing GOD!


    If BEER is your DEMON... you can't even have ONE!


    maybe that was a sign (gentle nudge if you will) to help someone you know that has an ALCOHOL addiction

    as I Believe nothing happens by chance.





    It is a ROUGH World out there and  it is getting ROUGHER

    it is The NEW Owner's Vision (All Paulding County Business Owners) to bring

    back as Mr. Hardy would say "WE Love You and WE Need You" :wub:


    Please take a minute and THROW your name in the ring for the

    the Drawing on January 31st to Win 4 Bacon Wrapped Stead Dinners !


    Our Doors are OPEN to ANYONE who would like to be part of a Community

    that Truly Cares about their Community. :wub:



    Good Luck to you on The Steak Drawing my Friend!

    Caped :hi:



    :yahoo:"CLICK" me to ENTER  FREE Steak Drawing! :yahoo:

    You make a good point. Alcoholics cannot handle even a single drink because they can't stop after the first one. People are are not alcoholics can usually have a drink or two and stop with that.

    So would it be a sin for an alcoholic to have a beer because it will open the door to drunkenness, while not such a big deal for others who can have A beer and stop? Maybe. Thought provoking, anyway.

  14. As has already been mentioned, the new layout is very confusing. Need to keep it simple, and organize the forums so people can easily see and find them. 

    There were some fumbles with the initial rollout; forums being added and deleted, constantly changing stuff around, and the decision to kill off politics was a poor move. I understand you've put a political forum back in, which will be a good thing so long as the mean and hateful doesn't get control of it again.  There's far too much hate in this country right now and people are getting tired of it. We must learn to talk to each other without the hate (and we should start with congress).

    You had at least one moderator gone wild who was banning everyone she didn't like. I've been told she is no longer an owner, and if true that is a good thing. Frankly, it would be wise to keep everyone who was part of the previous ownership or management off the forum. They did a lot of damage that you guys are up against.

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