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  1. Well, i'm happy to say... I actually waited for it to rain (vs waiting for the dark sky) and they were all in there. I got my ladder and shot three can of spray in there... Put the ladder away and went inside... The next day I went outside and saw only 5-8 wasps flying around the hive and I thought I'd go get another few cans and come back for another shot. But after going back inside for a few minutes... I came back out from the garage (inside my car) and found a few kids had waked by...and threw a rock at it... There were more than a few wasps left... It started out the size of a basketball. Anyway, I got to home depot and was getting a few more cans, when a man next to me in the aisle suggested a different can. A conversation took place and he works for a company that does roofing, gutters (repair and cleaning), trees, etc... He was there to get something for his house... I showed him a picture of the nest and the gutter and he said his associate and he could take care of both for a 'reasonable' price. I asked how many o's in 'reasonable.' $80 for both taking care of the wasp nest and fixing the gutter, I got the cans and we walked over to the gutters and I got 4 of the new gutter attachment devices and left. He met me at my house about an hour later with his friend. I have a tall extension ladder and within minutes, his friend had the ladder set up and he scurried up to the roof.(no protective clothing...) and was tossed the cans of wasp kill. He sprayed it and than got a long pole I had and knocked it down.... Than down he came and the pieces of the nest were put into a few trash bags. Than moved the ladder over to the side of the house and they fixed (reaffixed) my gutter to the house and that's it....on a Sunday morning. The guy told me that the nest was one of the biggest he had seen on a house. In the trees, they can be HUGE and long... You know....when I was younger, all of the automotive repair with the guys coming over.....a few 6 packs and amazingly, the car was fixed...ran better and we even had a few parts left over! Back in the younger days..., all of the tree climbing...yard work, etc....was also a lot of fun and felt good. I even recall my saying..."pushing the lawn mower was my exercise since I have such a busy schedule..no time for a gym or real work out..". that being said... Inasmuch as I still have the strength do do all of that... maybe as you get older...you decide that...you just don't want to... Climbing up 30 feet on a ladder...hmmm, I did that when I first found the nest...I felt it was a better decision to pay to have both taken care of...that day. I have other things to do around the house, both inside and outside. Well, there's always the kids in the neighborhood I can pay a few dollars to make some money actually doing some work (yard work). It's hot outside and I've paid my dues... I still do a lot of the work around my house....for auto repair, my neighbor is a mechanic with a place on Austell Road...and the recent need (at the same time) for a new radiator, brake pads, belt, and rotors ...all taken care of... the lawn care.. but Mr. Dis has done a great job and I have no problem with that continuing...and for wasp and gutter situations.. I now have a name and number for that as well! Anyone needing gutters or wasp nests removed...let me know and I'll pas number on... Now I have time for other house projects (as we all know, that list never ends)...and maybe even have an actual work/life balance. ...as far as the gym...well, I think I'll be able to start working from hope soon. That'll be another change I'll have to figure out...Maybe go to the gym at lunch and actually meet someone( or others) who also have a crazy work schedule...who knows! Time for some cold, sweet honeydew!! New chapters always starting...
  2. Saw my gutter had come away from the front corner of my house. Climbed up about 30 feet and saw that 2 spikes had come out (nails instead of screws?) I tried to knock them in but the one to the right was just out of reach so I climbed down and got a piece of plastic pipe, I climbed back up and tried to knock it in. After about 3 whacks...I got one strike, but also aroused about 20 wasps... I quickly climbed down and walked around to the front of the house.... WOW, In the shadow was a wasp nest about the size of a basketball! The entrance was the size of a 1/2 dollar. I went and bought a few cans of the spray foam and figured I'd wait for the evening....than I thought...it's gonna rain which should be a better safety factor for me. Today I got the ladder in place and waited. Here came the rain.....they were all in their hive...I climbed up and was getting soaked, but sprayed all 4 cans... only about 4 or 5 came out and than disappeared in the rain. I climbed down...looked up and saw I got most of the hive but what I sprayed in the opening...well, not sure. I guess I'll have to look tomorrow if any are dead on the ground...and how active it is... Maybe another rain and spray event is due.. If this doesn't work...well, I'll have to find someone who has no problem with climbing up and killing and removing the hive. I can't fix the gutter with the hive there.... Not feeling too confident...Anyone know of someone who has no problem with wasp/hive removal (that may charge an amount that I can determine is considered reasonable for climbing, bagging and scrapping the remnants?) Thank you in advance... Hmmm, home ownership...always something!
  3. Short and simple.... I enjoyed the movie and I'm a pretty tough critic. The father/daughter relationship was established.....the story was simple and moved quickly and it kept me awake. No spoiler except that anyone seeing it...as with all MARVEL shows...wait for the credits to pass for the final scenes....
  4. I thought you mentioned a great place for chili dogs... Did I miss the part that you're not going to tell anyone what and where this place is? Obviously not knowing, will keep people from checking it out....and in time, may cost the place customers resulting in shutting down... Letting us know the name of this place would increase their customer base...is there something I missed or does this place not really exist? If you're impressed with this place...why not share? Otherwise...it doesn't exist and we all move on.... Oh, I saw the Antman/Wasp Woman movie today....good...and, you should wait for the last scene after the credits....important....
  5. Soooooooooo, it's the weekend.... Where is and what is the name of the Hot Dog place???!!!!!
  6. Ahhh, there was a time with a motor...back in my younger California days.... Out here....I'm lucky if I have time for sleep... Well, we could always meet in Tallapoosa....Same date is available and a hot dog is always a welcome taste (and sight)... Wow, I looked back at my last post...too many spelling errors... And I thought auto correct was a pain on my phone!! July 7th... a great day after the 4th to continue the celebration with more hot dogs... Not sure if anything is happenng on the 4th...guess I'll have to wake up and see...
  7. Freed up again in two weeks....lt's see...where to start the wrap up.. I ended up watching the Braves game Friday thru the 15th inning. At that point....it's a long a game and truthfully, I could have had a smile on my face if the Braves one....but they didn't.... still a great team and I still went to sleep. Saw the Jurassic movie Saturday night after all of the car repair was done (well, almost...need to get a new radiator which I'll take Tuesday off, get it done i the morning and maybe go see the Incredible that afternoon (if I don;t go back home and do some work...) Movie review....not bad.... but there were a few things that I didn't see make sense and one thing I think could be a reason for another sequel. I won;t give any spoilers...sorry. CHILIDOGS!!!! You got my attention. There's NEVER a bad time for a hot dog. I usually shoot up to Home Depot and grab a couple from John. I get my usual with Melinda's chile (meaty and tasty), catsup/mustard and even some sauerkraut.... Couple of those and I'm good... ut a place in Tallapoosa....it's got to be off Bankhead...and I know the owner of the PIzza place....but someplace with top chile dogs. Maybe we should plan a bike ride on the Silver Comet Trail in 2 weeks and stop for a chilidog event... Let me know and I can meet someplace. The best place for me to get on the trail is in Hiram, right behind the Home Depot just before the Fire station.... Shoot, I'm willing to suffer sore muscles for a chilidog.....and work it off on the ride back... Anyone interested...That would be Saturday, July 7th.
  8. Yep, all of the good times of the past are now presented to everyone in a tablet; smartphone; any other electronic device and our kids have lost the ability to communicate with the English language (or maybe any other!). Oh well.....laundry is done...time for bed.. I'm watching the Braves game... sad 9th inning. Too late to get the pitcher outta there... he's done the damage when he started with a 3-1 lead at the top of the 9th.... Now...Baltimore is leading 7-3..... time for bed...sad...very sad.... I'll go see the movie this weekend. But I'll have to do that after I take care of replacing the rotors and pads...fan belt and do an oil change... Oh to be so rich that I can just leave the truck at a place and say....do what needs to be done....and screw me on the shop labor rates. Oh...the days of working on your own vehicle and have the guys there helping (hold the beer) and the ladies are inside where it's cool (smarter)...and just talking and enjoying each others company... Bike rides...going to the park and actually playing...telling some kids to look up something in the dictionary and having them ask what's a dictionary... okay....off the soapbox. Movies...probably first show on Sunday....tomorrow is now going to be busy. I hope you all stay cool and have an excellent weekend.
  9. I've given up on dating sites to meet people (most are looking for a free meal or payback for a previous relationship); People I thought were friends have lied and I'm tired of forgiving them so they aren't called anymore (it just takes an apology, but that's not going to happen); and I have a weekend to get some housework done, but would like to go see the new Jurassic World movie this weekend.... Anyone interested? Either Saturday afternoon or maybe Sunday? I remember the old days on pcom.... that was a fun time and it was new and exciting.....I volunteered as a deputy for a little while...seems much more...quiet... these days... Any groups (single) in the county...people just wanting to get together and talk... (sigh)...I need sleep.....it's been a long week! TGIF
  10. Wow, seems like an opportunity for someone who has a bucket truck to make some gas money. I know the tree cutting services charge a lot to cut down a tree (TOO MUCH)...I appreciate everyone's thoughts and suggestions... I can tie them off and cut them down so they fall away from the house (also placement of the cut...) so I may do that when a few more leaves come down and the tree is lighter and I can see more of the branches... No danger now, but I want to be proactive not reactive... Thank you all.... anything new available...please advise. There may be several of us looking....
  11. Does anyone know of someone who rents a bucket truck? Home Depot/Lowes/ ACE/ Sunbelt....nope...just need it for about an hour although there's probably a 4 hour min.... I have about 3 trees on the side of my house which I need to get to about 30+ feet up to reach the limbs Thanks
  12. Man, I got my pressure washer fixed by a guy 10 minutes away....that was easy.... Now my dryer went out and I watched a few u-tubes, but truthfully, I'm just too tired... I wonder who's local on the east side of Paulding (cobb border 2 blocks away). Heat isn't the problem (Gas) but it could be the door close switch, or the main button or the motor....just need to do an electrical check.... but again, I'm so tired when I get home.... What does an average home visit cost? What kind of a mark up would I possibly see for any given park? Any suggestions to a local person you've used and trust... Kenmore, Gas Dryer Front Load... Thanks for any suggestions...
  13. I made the stupid mistake of not draining my pressure washer last year...leaving it in the garage for a year and now...I think I have enough gunk that I need to have the carburetor cleaned. Can anyone direct me to someone who can clean this and charge an unreasonable price (and maybe give me an idea of what 'reasonable' is)... I llive on the west side of Paulding below Hiram... Thank you PCOM family
  14. I need to take my daughter to Dentist (cleaning) and X-rays, but I took to her to one on Thornton road bear I20 and they were a little rough with the teeth cleaning. I was watching and had to make a comment as I saw tears coming down her cheeks...... I know sometimes it's difficult to scrape this stuff off, but just short of a jackhammer, it should be progressive and not violent... So, with all that being said, can anyone suggest a child's dentist that smiles and doesn't treat children like a number? I need to make an appointment for about 2 weeks out and I think there are quite a few dentists in Hiram (just north of me)..just need a few suggestions.... As always, thank you all......
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