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  1. Does anyone know what happened on Cole Lake Road yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon? I saw numerous Paulding County officers and a state trooper going towards Scoggins. A couple even turned around on Happy Valley Church Road. There were no sirens but alot of crazy driving.
  2. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed that all intersections coming off of 278 that have a stop light, that the wait time for it to change keeps increasing. Who can look at the time we are sitting at those intersections waiting to turn onto 278? I know it maybe a impostion for drivers to have to slow down and stop more often on 278 but it may save lives in the long run and it will make turning onto 278 alot easier. Anyone else agree?
  3. I would like to know where the tax payers are who will be paying for this since there are so many who are unemployed, homes forclosed and bank owned subdivisions if this goes belly up???? I think there are so many more worthy projects that really need to be addressed than another PORK PROJET that only a handful will use. All I see is a beautiful court house, (chaching), that is not fully utilized, an airport, (chaching), that only a hand full fly in and out of and now a movie studio????? I for one am tired of the CHACHINGS!!!!! I pay my taxes every year and have been and I know I don't to c
  4. I would like to know what is up with all of the lights at the intersections turning onto 278? Seaboard seems to be the longest light that I have experienced. They say we should not idle our vehicles to long but since the lights are set incorrectly we have no choice. I have also noticed the same thing happening going through downtown. I think maybe who ever is in charge of the timing of the lights should investigate to see what is up with them. Is there no set time? Am I the only one who gets aggrevated with this?
  5. I hope everyone will come out and meet the new owner Katie Hayes of what was The Island Tan. It is now called Sklyine Tan with great low prices on tanning packages and tanning lotions. Skyline Tan is located at 651 W. Memorial Drive, Dallas.
  6. Thank you so much for your prayers. I am Jeremey's mom. He was a wonderful young man with a bright future. He was blessed to have so many good friends. He is loved very much and missed terribly. He will never be forgotten and I know he is our guardian angel watching over us.
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