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  1. My daughter will be stoping in and getting an application on Monday. Is the work schedule flexible? The reason I ask, my daughter is a State Officer in her Youth Group and is required to attend certain functions.
  2. I was diagnosed 30 years ago with Type 1 Diabetes. I use a pump. If your Doctor told you to take insulin to control your Diabetes you really should talk it over with him/her before going off of it.
  3. Thank you everyone. Yes I have family here. I was born in Paulding County and lived here all my life. As far as changing my signature not ready for that because I do love him with all my heart. God put ua togther and whatever is going on with my husband I know he will see us through it. The Laptop is an Asuss.
  4. i do have a home phone now.
  5. I have had a terible couple of weeks. It started with my husband leaving me and our daughter. The reason I have no idea. Next day our cell phones were shut off. Not good since I am Diabetic. Then found out that I have a nail in one of my tires, it is completly flat now, but I do have another vehicle to drive. I had to take my daughter to the ER and I didn't even have the money to buy her medicine and thanks to an Angel that God sent to me, she paid what I owed and told me to keep the change! Then I fell the other night and broke my laptop computer screen! I need to know if their is anyone on h
  6. Oh My Gosh for several years I took my daughter to Downtown Dallas Trick or Treating and never lived there! Do I need to return all the candy she got? Could you really look at a child and say "I'm sorry you don't live in this neighborhood, so NO you can't have any of my candy"? I couldn't!
  7. She was also one of my teachers in the 7th grade. She was one of my favorites!
  8. They are very yummy! Me and my husband had this for lunch today.
  9. That's what my daughter texted me from school also. I don't know how she heard it, but the aledged bus is the bus she rides. I drive her to school in the mornings and she rides the bus home. She has a WONDERFUL bus driver!
  10. I bought gas at crossroads Kroger yesterday then went down 41 and was not happy to see it 25 cents cheaper!
  11. Just wanted to share with everyone if you are in the Acworth area that gas is $2.99 a gallon on Cobb Pkwy @ Raceway, QT, Home Depot, Kroger and Walmart!
  12. There is a woman at the off ramp of 285 @ Hwy 78 that sits on one of her legs to make it appear she is an amputee. I have seen her pushing her wheelchair then sit on her leg! She also switches amputated legs (she will be sitting on the right leg in the am and the left leg in the pm!) I guess she wouldn't won't to cut off the circulation and truelly become an amputee.
  13. My daughter is friends with Courtney. The family is in our prayers!
  14. My Moma passed away yesterday. She will be at Winkenhofer Funeral Home in Kennasaw. I will post arrangements when we make them later today.
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