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  1. If that is the reason why you would vote against him, you are an idiot to begin with.
  2. Glenn has been telling friends today that he is running. And, he will win.
  3. Funny because I spoke with him also. Cell number 478-231-XXXX. And, I stand by what your colleagues have said about you.
  4. I find it right to the heart of her qualifications. She made comments about Shearin's assistant being "just a secretary" and that is exactly what she was albeit not a very good one if what I am being told is true and I verified with three other ex-employees of the Ag Department. And, this is exactly why Dean would NEVER be on a public message board. Facebook, yes. But, I can say this and stay behind by screen name. Dean would have never set himself up like this.
  5. I stand by my comments. Nathan Dean would not be on this site. Not in a million years. Nathan had a huge help with Speaker Murphy having most of the same parts. And before Melissa spouts about her Ag credentials, maybe she should speak to her former employer because I did. She couldn't even keep his schedule straight. If she can't do the easiest of tasks, what makes anyone think she is up for this responsibility.....
  6. Just because he had you on the Senate floor doesn't mean anything to me. Speaker Murphy, Speaker Coleman and Speaker Richardson had me on the floor. I know Nathan Dean. My family knows Nathan Dean. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that he would not be on a public message board. He never saw a photo op he didn't like but the man would never be on here.
  7. Nathan Dean would not more be on a public message board than being a man on the moon. Do you actually believe the crap you post on here?
  8. You sound like a complete idiot. My advice for you is to stop before digging yourself a bigger hole.
  9. Let the lady speak for herself - you do her much more harm than good.
  10. My mind has been changed regarding Paulette. I did not support her the last go around - I was behind Steve Golden. But, in my opinion, she has turned out to be much better than expected. I had an issue with Georgia Dept. Of Revenue and she was on it. I had an answer from them in two hours when I had been dealing with them for two weeks. I have called on her about several votes and, although we didn't agree on a couple of them, she explained her position and I respect that. She has been the most responsive state rep to my family since Charlie Watts. Melissa Morrison maybe a nice person as Michael James but I do not want either representing me in the House. They offer nothing above and beyond Paulette.
  11. No, actually that is not a Bill Heath half-lie. Speaker Murphy would have made out like a bandit but it was his deceaded wives family that owned all that land. Plus, he owned half of the land in Haralson anyway and any place it would have been built would have touched his holdings anyway.
  12. Try West Atlanta Pediatrics. My kids were all on a delayed plan and Dr. Carter was totally okay with it.
  13. I wouldn't say that Bill Heath lost the state funding. Speaker Coleman pulled it to punish Haralson County for voting Murphy out.
  14. You are sweet. I will say 7 times out of 10, his posts are about his lawsuit or his crappy health insurance.
  15. What would this board be without his constant harping on the state of their health insurance or his lawsuit? He wouldn't be able to post about anything, anymore.
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