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  1. Our company truck broke down in Douglasville and. We had a long walk to new Georgia. Thanks to the two ladies for giving my son and myself a ride on bakers bridge and again on ridge. Nice to know the women of paulding we're not afraid to pick up a biker and didn't pass us by like all the country boys in trucks. You ladies rock. Angel IOMC
  2. I have several brothers who live in the area. Will pass the info. I hate animal abuse
  3. went last year. Its a good ride and good food.
  4. Bones

    Bar fight

    Went to the prayer vigil last night in Villa Rica. It was pretty sad.
  5. Police making money off people too stupid to use common sense. Good idea.
  6. No, I don't live in a subdivison. Close to Mt Tabor park.
  7. No, they were pretty terrified and polite when I approached their car. Said they were waiting on a friend. A few minutes later they were fighting in the street when I hollered for my wife to call the cops they all scattered. One of the neighbor kids said he and one of the kids had a problem so they met to fight and one of the kids in the hummer brought a gun. Im a pretty nice guy but I don't look like someone you would want to pull a gun on or it might have been the 40 cal hanging in my shoulder holster or the pitbull standing in my yard. I just made sure they were not looking to steal my
  8. Oh Im fine. Just some dumb kids sitting in a hummer on my dead end street close to my house waiting to fight a neighbor kid. Wrong house.
  9. If your teens from East Paulding drive a light colored Hummer and your stupid enough to let them have access to a gun send me a PM.
  10. Prayers for your friend. We sometimes forget just how quickly our lives can end or change.
  11. Thanks. He is in pretty bad shape in ICU but alive.
  12. Yes. it was where the paint was.
  13. A great big thanks to the lady who found my friend in the road on Bobo early this morning. You saved his life. He was lifeflighted to grady and is now stable. If anyone knows a lady who found a downed biker around 2 am this morning my club would sure like to thank her. Angel Iron Order MC Road Captain
  14. Not sure about illegal but unwise and unsafe depending on who your telling that lie to.
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