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  1. The one in Hiram doesn't seem to have the sales like some of the other stores do. My family shops all the time at the one by them. I haven't been into the one in Hiram in years. They don't carry anything that I or my daughter like.
  2. I would love to see Sweet Tomatoes go into that spot. Or a good burger joint. Or a good Italian place. And no, The Olive Tree does not qualify as a good Italian place and Cheeseburger Bobbies is as nasty as the Ryan's was. As for Denny's, we ate at the one in Smyrna 20 years ago. Never went back. No, just no. We need a 5 Guys, Sweet Tomatoes and a good Italian place.
  3. There is a consignment shop in the Publix shopping center on East Paulding Drive that has some great prices. To borrow a dress for free, the suggestion for Angels Among Us is a great one. The sign was still there when we went by on Saturday. It is a very small yellow sign that just says "Angels Among Us" It is very easy to miss. The sign is near the ground, by the mailbox. It is just south of one of the bridges on Dallas-Acworth Highway. It is on the West side of the road.
  4. The mobile home was on the road that is between the cemetery and the Dominoes. It was not in the trailer park that is also on the same road. It was on a lot by itself. The trailer was across from the storage units. There is not much left of the trailer. I am sorry to hear that one of my neighbors died in the fire. I live further down the road and was hoping that every one was OK.
  5. Don't forget that the stuff is not just for grade school age students. This is also for people in college... Bathing suits, caps and cover-ups, I would think that swim team members need something to practice in and most schools specify the type of suit etc! For cooler weather I'd still rather have a cape, shawl or a wrap instead of a jacket or coat... Aprons... cooking classes, wood shop (stains and paints), auto shop (grease, oil), cosmotology (foundation, make-up, nail polish, etc), art classes (paint, clay, chalk)... lots of uses for aprons in schools at all levels. Drama, theatre an
  6. Need more information... time and location of meetings? age of members? contacts for more information? Website?
  7. If you want real green tea, get a good quality tea and make it yourself. If you are drinking it for health or weight loss reasons, DO NOT USE artificial sweetener's and don't drink that diet cr@p. They negate the good of the tea. Check the ingredients, if it says "tea flavor" it's not real tea and won't be of any use to you. "Tea flavor" means that it has a bunch of chemicals to make it taste like tea and that it doesn't contain any real tea. It should say something like "brewed green tea" or "green tea leave" for it to be real green tea. For cold tea, make it double strength and pour ove
  8. We talk to each of their teachers at open house so we can get the list for that teacher. We only buy pencils, erasers etc before we talk to the teachers. We already have a supply of paper/folders/comp books/notebooks and pens/pencils so they can start without us having to actually go to a store. We can wait for the sales or for the tax free weekend to get the rest of the supplies. I'll stock up on filler paper/composition books and spiral notebooks when they go on sale in a couple of weeks. We use that stuff for things other than school, so I always keep them on hand... Something new this
  9. My dad used sevin dust for years on our animals and property. Never had a problem with it. But my husband doesn't use it. The DE needs to be food grade, not the stuff you use in your swimming pool filter. That said, we have not been able to get the fleas under control. We wash the dog, we use flea spray, we've tried just about every thing we can thinks of, but as soon as he goes outside, he's an instant flea magnet!
  10. Well, if you want to go back to the voter requirements from 250 years ago, OK. You are right, you didn't have to have a state issued id, but you DID have to prove that you owned property. If you did not own land or a business or a home, you could not vote (neither could females or slaves/indendured servents). They only wanted people who had a real investment in the area to vote. So let's, by all means go back to that as an excuse. Voting laws have changed to make it easier for more people to vote. If you want to say that we shouldn't do something because we didn't do 250 years ago, then I say
  11. Most scooters are not allowed on the interstates. They can't go fast enough. Not sure I'd want to use one for that long a commute either. I was thinking about getting one, but the commutes I am looking at are more like 5-6 miles in Paulding County.
  12. Pil Sung Do with Master Key is great. They also have the ONLY after school martial arts program. They pick up at a few of the local elementary schools, so if you are interested, you would need to contact them to see if they pick up at your school.
  13. Makes me glad we are still on a well. A very deep well. It is almost 200' deep.
  14. Its only a problem when the "parents" are not being parents. If you know your child and keep an eye on them so you can catch any potential floaters, that's fine. Its the ones who don't pay any attention that are the problem. I know Sara Babb was closed several times a few years ago because of "parents" who couldn't be bothered to change their children's diaper when they should have. I don't know if that is still a problem at that pool or not, we haven't been to Sara Babb in a couple of years because of this problem and the problem with older children.
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