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  1. It was a good game. Interesting that both quarterbacks were from the area.
  2. When my parents got divorced we moved to Daytona Beach with my mother. She was a waitress at the Aku Tiki Lounge. He would come in there a lot. My brother and I would be doing our homework, and he would buy us Shirley Temple's. We thought we were sooo cool. R.I.P.
  3. Prayers for her friends and family. I wonder if she is the same Kimberley Johnson who was a member here. I cannot remember her screen name.
  4. My heart is breaking for the Morrison's
  5. Surepip never met a stranger. I was at their home to pick up a refrigerator he was giving away and my husband and I wound up spending several hours sitting with them on their front porch talking to them.
  6. Sending prayers up for the both of them.
  7. We will all miss your infectious smile, but know you are watching over your friends and family.
  8. I have not seen this show yet, but we need to be more conscious of this subject. My son's friend committed suicide two nights ago. He was barely 14.
  9. All of Paulding until 11:30
  10. 15 years means absolutely nothing My niece's mother was sentenced to 10 years last year for imprisoning and nearly starving her. She is eligible to get out next year
  11. I just want to thank Curtis for all of his help. I had always read how great he was but had no idea until recently when we reached out to him for homeowners insurance. He went so above and beyond and cut off a lot of little issues before they turned into big ones. If you haven't checked him out, please do!
  12. I'm pretty sure the people on the receiving end of their joyride and stupidity will be affected longer than 20 years.
  13. Thanks I appreciate that. We do seem to have a significant drainage issue since we are below the street a good bit.
  14. Sadly we are significantly sloped so I am looking at larger pieces that won't all wash downhill.
  15. Thank you so much! I am hoping gravel will level the driveway out and help with drainage.
  16. So we recently purchased a home and there are a lot of projects we need to work on. Our driveway is about 500 feet and very uneven, Are there any companies that deliver gravel in the area? I am also looking to put in a garden and will need topsoil, There are several pallet projects I want to do. Is there a local place to purchase pallets? I am sure more will come to mind. Thanks in advance.
  17. Most of the people in this corner have larger than usual lots. I wasn't implying that hearing gunshots was a bad thing. We moved from an uptight subdivision onto 4 acres. I would consider it a one off since there was also a shooting in the subdivision.
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