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  1. I dont want the outrage to wane. I assumed he was in jail but I guess I assumed wrong. He is still posting on his Facebook and posting about a better life. He should have thought about that before he murdered his wife. Does anyone have an update? Im assuming he was able to make bail. Unreal!
  2. I need someone reliable to mount two flat screen televisions. I want it done well...no cords showing. Any recommendations out there?
  3. And, I post about children dying at the hands of their parents and you accuse me of playing politics but you want to defend these continuous posts about bad cops? We all know there are bad cops! I choose to bring attention to crooked judges, drug addiction, mental illness, and atrocities against poor innocent children and the elderly. You accused me of playing politics.....(CC quote "I'm sure there is enough outrage to go around, That's a racially charged question, but I'm sure you intended it to be. He is in jail.") simply because I asked where the outrage was over these murdered children. M
  4. I'm confused....Beavers set the bond and then signed the warrant?
  5. I don't know the law....but, could Bates have appealed the decision? If so, can he be arrested if the case is being appealed? I'm just wondering if there is any legal reason he has not been arrested. If not, someone needs to step in and make it happen! I also know if this was you or I, we would be in jail....
  6. Judge Beavers need to go!!!! http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/husband-indicted-in-murder-of-his-wife-wednesday-still-hasnt-been-arrested/633202534
  7. Judge Beavers needs to step away from the bench completely!
  8. Beavers has not signed the warrant...I wonder why hes taking his time?
  9. Please stop! Why must you paint everyone with a broad brush? Why don't you lead the way....I'll be happy to help.
  10. I would argue the point that children are raised better....it depends on your definition of better. They are given everything and don't have to work for it. As a high school teacher, it shows that we are raising a generation of lazy, entitled young people. I could tell you stories that you wouldn't believe. Parents do not hold their children accountable. I also have many students that are suffering because their parents are absent because of drug addictions. It's truly sad...
  11. I do hope you are not talking to me....your points are the exact points I'm trying to make! I am a teacher and act more like a counselor on a daily basis! I have talked and talked and talked to legislators or anyone that will listen. My daughter is a social worker. I have a homeless young man living with me right now that was severely abused by his parents because he is autistic. I am doing my damnedest to make a difference. If all of these people that are screaming about Obama this and Trump that would put that energy toward making a difference in drug addiction, mental illness, social servic
  12. Yes! I have zero tolerance when it comes to child abuse! Stop it now!
  13. And, mental illness is another story....why in the hell would her mother and sister allow her to keep these children alone if they knew she was mentally ill?
  14. Disgusting! There is never a circumstance where a mother or anyone should leave children alone and unguarded! Especially a 1, 2, and 3 year old...And, I'm not even sure where that last comment came from. Just stop!
  15. Please just go away with all of your BS! Everything that is wrong in this world is Trump's fault or the policeman's fault! This "system" has been broken for a long time! Kids are neglected, abused, and dying every day. Let's focus on that!
  16. I read that she said she left them with her cousin....neighbors said they believe she was lying that she left them home alone frequently. I haven't read anything about gassing or faulty pilot light. Autopsy is being conducted but there were burns on their bodies. There's a Dad as well...where does he play into all of this? Still don't think free daycare would have helped these poor children. If you can't afford babies...don't have them. And, don't start with the free birth control crap either.
  17. Where's the face palm emoticon? Did you read the news story? I fail to see how free daycare would have saved these children. The mother allegedly murdered them. Don't politicize the murder of these innocent children!
  18. This was not racially or politically charged whatsoever! I WAS trying to make a point that I posted about the other day. I simply don't buy in to the ridiculous banter on here...from either side. I simply want to know why certain people can't use their negativity to fight a battle that can save the lives of innocent children of any race! Or, mentor/help young adults before they get into trouble with the law. Yes, there is outrage on social media but I don't see any public outrage or protests. Our "system" that supposedly protects children has been broken for way too long. Drugs, the leading c
  19. Where's the outrage? Where are the protesters? Why aren't we locking up these scumbags? http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/father-charged-with-murder-in-death-of-2-week-old/623258743
  20. The "system" has failed these kids. Bless their hearts.... Why can't we focus on rampant drug abuse and child cruelty, endangerment, and murder? http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/mother-charged-with-murdering-her-2-young-boys/624604919
  21. Or, college students whose liberal college professors disagree with their response to a piece of literature in a reader response paper. Yes, I returned to college in my early 40's and I wrote a response paper after reading The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain. I received a 0 on this paper because my liberal professor did not agree with my response. My response was based on my Christian beliefs regarding the mysterious stranger, Satan. The professor certainly didn't like or agree with what I said. In fact, he wrote me a page and a half response of his own. I went to the top and appealed th
  22. I am well aware of that....I just wish the blowhards on this site would use their negativity and turn it into a positive. One can only hope...
  23. Wow! The silence is deafening! Thanks to those that responded...I know many people are mentors/advocates and are making a difference. I just wish that everyone that constantly goes on about politics and division would use that energy to making a difference....that means black folk, white folk, in between folk, celebrities, the little people....everyone!
  24. I forgot one....many of my students from the last two years have parents that are addicted to prescription drugs....another cause to advocate for. I'm sure I will think of more.
  25. I honestly want to sit down and have some dialogue with people about the fact that black people have been set up for failure throughout history. I do believe this, however, I have ALWAYS treated everyone equally...I taught my children to do the same. My children are teaching their children to do the same. What else can I do...I'm so tired of hearing about white privilege when I have done my all to treat everyone fairly and make make sure that is my heritage. I have made my own way but not on the back of anyone. I have been treated unfairly in many situations that I won't go in to but despite t
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