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  1. There's usually a maximum score (and it's not 100) for each section of the exam. They didn't give you some sort of scale to use as a grades comparison? I thought my child's exam had the scale at the top. ETA: it's kind of like the ACT/SAT - max score on that is a 36. If you score a 27, you did pretty well.
  2. I think the media may be playing this up some, but I am not sure how much. I have a friend who has lived in Cairo for several years now. He lives about 7 miles from Tahrir Square. He says all is quiet in his neighborhood/area, which is mostly expats. He has heard some gunfire over the last couple of nights and believes it was gunfire from the flare-ups that have happened. They have warned foreigners not to venture out for safety's sake. Otherwise, the only thing that has bothered him about this was the lack of internet service!
  3. PUBBY - THANK YOU for posting this video. We moved from Dallas two winters ago. I have been absolutely sick that we missed this snow! It is a real treat to get to see everything in all white mode!
  4. South Alabama is not bad. Winter weather can get cold, but it doesn't stay very cold for more than a few days at a time. We have had temps in the thirties at night while you guys have been in the teens this week. Summers can get hot, but we never really noticed a difference when we went from Dallas to Mobile over the course of our 10-year relocation. New Orleans is two hours west and Destin is two hours east. We have lots of rural areas to live in and LOTS of water. Living so close to the water is the biggest plus for me. Oh, and my internet service is WAY faster here than my house i
  5. Next time you'll know to get a hotel room next door to the office so you won't have to worry about getting to work!
  6. Yep! And she is standing in her restaurant in Gulf Shores, which just happens to be one of our fave places to play eat - Lulu's at Homeport Marina. Love the drinks and the sand lot. If you're lucky enough, you'll happen to be eating there one night when Jimmy and friends feel like playing. He does surprise appearances there all the time.
  7. Lots To Do - I believe this was the first well of the two. And people need to understand that this should not be a finger-pointing game. Stop the damn leak. We can sort through the crap later and figure out who failed at what. Right now we need to stop the flow. Also, a friend of mine posted a youtube link on her Facebook page that I found very interesting. It talks about another oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico 30 or so years ago. Take a look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-4oooyqe_8
  8. Georgia Dawg - I totally agree with you. BP's President has made a total ass of himself in the last couple of days with the comments he is making. I have felt from the beginning that BP has not done enough to control this situation. I cannot tell you how mad it makes many of us to see them destroy some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. I remember how the Pelican population was decimated during Hurricane Frederic in 1979. I remember how excited everyone was when they finally returned in numbers large enough to notice. I cannot describe the absolute HEARTBREAK I feel every t
  9. Actually.... We now live on the coast - on the AL/MS line. Officials here are advising everyone to NOT send hair (human or animal) to be made into booms. BP has stated that they will NOT use hair due to some problems with the booms becoming too heavy, the hair does not capture as much oil as the synthetic material, etc. While everyone in our area appreciates the offers to help, BP simply will not use the hair. Nobody is allowed to do ANY work on this spill without BP's approval and oversight. Anyone caught "helping" on their own risks a severe fine. FYI - They won't use hay e
  10. I know I am a little late in responding to this, but here goes. It is my understanding that you CANNOT declare bankruptcy on a court judgment/order. I would be talking to an attorney before I assumed that he was not liable for the money, even though he shut down the business. It seems like you should be able to do something to him.
  11. You should just let the raccoon figure out on his own that there is nothing interesting at your house. No need to kill it. And raccoons carry rabies, so you are endangering yourself by trying to catch it. We had one that would stand on our back deck and look in our kitchen windows at night. He acted like he enjoyed watching our nightly activities.
  12. NavyEagle - I see this ship every day on my way to work. You should see it in person!
  13. Does anybody realize that there is already a law on the books that is collecting money from across the state in order to put Driver's Ed back in schools? It is called "Joshua's Law" - the Legislature's technical name for it is Driver Education and Training Fund. This law collects 5% of every traffic fine. THIS FUND IS TOTALLY FUNDED BY TRAFFIC OFFENDERS. My question now is this: WHY is this money not being used to fund Driver's Ed classes? Courts have been collecting this money since May 10, 2005. The intent of this law was to reduce the number of serious traffic incident
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