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  1. Just curious. Is the paulding photography club still meeting? What is "Photohounds"? Thanks.
  2. Are these meetings still going? Would like to start back, but keep missing them. Any info would be wonderful. Thanks.
  3. Sorry...just don't agree with this at all.
  4. I was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. 70 MILES SOUTH OF PITTSBURGH GO STEELERS!!!!!
  5. Just curious if anyone knows of a page or where I can obtain info on entering photography competitions. Has the photography club disbanded? Thanks...
  6. My hubby and his friend rode from Rambo to Alabama. 80miles round trip.... He amazes me!
  7. Thanks again....I will call and email the teacher... I really appreciate it. If anyone out there can sell me one, I'll still go that route!
  8. I know this may be a stupid question, but I was wondering if anyone out there, or knows of anyone who has a 2011 Year book they want to get rid of .....they bought an extra, or need the money, etc........ I kept asking both my kids if they wanted one, and they were like, "nah, that's okay". so I didn't push the issue, because they are expensive. However, now that I think about it, this is the first year there was a graduating class at N.Paulding. I could so kick myself.
  9. When is trick or treating here in Paulding County?
  10. Please send it to Crossroads area!!!! Wind, thunder, clouds, but no rain.
  11. I still and will always think that we should go further into June. And then start in late August since this is GEORGIA and AUGUST is our hottest month and it would take more money to keep the schools cooler, and I'm obviously no expert, but I just feel that school buses use more fuel in hotter weather.
  12. May God surround this family with strength and the peace that passes all understanding. This is such a sad time.
  13. Saying prayers for the family and all of her friends and neighbors also. Suicide is so very tragic. I feel for people who even contemplate it. It is such a shame when people get that low and decide to end their lives.
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