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    Have you checked out Lake Ramona in Hiram..... not sure if wheelchair friendly but you can call and ask.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows what's going on- close to 61 south. Lots of sirens!
  3. Well "The Twins" won w/ over 1,000 votes!! Congrats to them and thanks for all of you that voted for me and my daughter!! Maybe next year!! http://ajc.upickem.net/engine/Winners.aspx?PageType=WINNER&contestid=29365
  4. thanks everybody!! there's another couple who have almost 900 now so.... I don't think there's any way to compete w/ that! And I'll be busy this weekend so I won't have time to keep promoting and reminding people.. haha. And I know everybody else doesn't have time. Taylor... I posted on my fb page! Hope your little guy wins!!
  5. REMINDER for you to vote again today!!! Some people got votes taken away... don't know if they were cheating or what..... but maybe I still have a chance!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE~~~~!!!!!!
  6. Taylor46 - want me to share on my fb page???
  7. Taylor46- I voted - What a cutie!! It wouldn't let me respond to your post though!! and I'll vote on a few computers too! And the girls that had over 800 votes are now back down to 500 something for some reason. SO ya'll keep voting.. maybe I have a chance after all!!
  8. I appreciate everybody's votes! However, the other couple now has over 800 votes!!!! I don't see anyway I can catch up to that!!! Thanks though for everybody's votes!!
  9. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too!! It's also National Day of Prayer!!
  10. Thanks Happy Wife and Mom!!! and thanks Jenilyn!! If you delete your history you can vote again... I guess that's how the other couple has so many votes!! WOW!!
  11. yes but did you see the people above me on the 1st row.. they have 700 something!!! 2 days ago they had nothing!!
  12. Thanks but the people 2 up from me have 702 now!!!! UGH!!!!!!!! Thanks for everyone that has voted!! Keep on voting... maybe I can catch up!!!!
  13. Ya'll are the best!!! I knew I could count on paulding.com!!!
  14. NC-17 heck no I don't mind!!! I would LOVE it.. and anybody else that wants to share by email, fb, twitter, text.. I don't care!! I WANT TO WIN~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ok thanks.. I think there is a way to keep voting.. I guess you have to clean out your cache or something... idk?!?! thank you though!!!
  16. I changed my picture to our picture so it would be easy to recognize!!!! Keep the votes coming!! Thank you all so much... got a long way to go to catch up. The girl on the 1st row has about 200 votes more than me suddenly!!!
  17. My daughter and I are in a Mother Daughter Lookalike contest for ajc.com - I need lots of votes to win!! I'm asking (begging) my paulding.com family to vote for us and get all your friends/family to vote for us also!!!! You can vote all this week and multiple times. It's under "Leigh Anne & Kristen" and the link is below. WE are about the 3rd row down.. We can win a $1,000 Kroger giftcard!!! Thank You so much!!!!!! http://ajc.upickem.net/engine/Votes.aspx?PageType=VOTING&contestid=29365#SubmissionDisplay
  18. any new news on this?? I'm not far from there.. I hear the helicoptors hovering still..
  19. ok Thanks. I talked to my CM consultant last night so I think I'll go with them. Thanks so much for responding... Just didn't know what else was out there.
  20. what I hate is that I went to training for ASP work and had to take 2 whole days off my regular job to go to training & observation. Now I guess that was for nothing???
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