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  1. My hubby and I have a babysitter for 24 HOURS starting tomorrow morning at 10:30! We have never had this before... Anyway, we'd like to celebrate Valentine's Day by doing something besides the typical dinner and a movie thing. So, I need your ideas! We live in Villa Rica, but are willing to head out toward Kennesaw/Marietta... Moderate budget... Something besides bowling..Lol
  2. I'm sending you a pm. If I give you my number, could you text me a pic? We've been looking for a kitty
  3. Well, DH went in this morning and asked straight up. The director said that about a week ago there was a rumor going around saying that two of the teachers were spanking. The directors knew nothing about this until they saw the Vice President of the company walk in the door. So, they fired the teachers on the spot. This was last Thursday I believe. Then (I'm guessing over the weekend), they reviewed the tapes and found no evidence of spanking. However, I find it odd that our original source of information was fired YESTERDAY for "not reporting" it. So, maybe it WAS a rumor, or maybe they are trying to cover something up... I'm just hoping that if it was happening, it is over with and won't happen again.
  4. Thanks guys Actually my little girl (who has been in the room where the supposed spankers are) has been coming home and completely melting down, to the point of not eating
  5. Also, I think it's important for other parents to know if this is going on...
  6. I'm putting this on the internet because I'm concerned for my child, and would like to know if anyone else has heard anything before my husband goes up there tomorrow morning and jumps to conclusions. I am not AT ALL trying to create drama! I haven't even been on this site in months! And, I would call the daycare, but it's 9:00...no one is there. Please, if you think it's stupid that I'm posting this, then skip over it...
  7. So, my babies (2 and 7 months) go to an academy in Villa Rica. We got a call from a friend tonight who said he's heard that people got fired today for spanking. My husband is FURIOUS!!! I just wanted to know if anyone else has heard anything, before my husband goes crazy on them tomorrow morning...
  8. Wow - anyone who believes that this is appropriate, obviously does not have children. I teach 7th grade, and still don't like to respond to any Santa question or comment because, not only would I hate to ruin any "magical" thoughts that child still has, I would also hate the phone call from the parent in response to my answer! Not that I would "go along" with it, but I just wouldn't bring it up. Why didn't she just stick to facts about the North Pole? And when posed with questions about Santa, why didn't she just have a heart and tell her students something like "that's what people say!" or "that's what your Mommy has told you, right?" This way, she's not declaring that it's true or false...
  9. I'm a teacher and will be meeting with some volunteer students in a couple weeks to write Christmas cards for someone in need of some Christmas cheer. Only thing is, I'm not sure who we should write to. Does anyone know of a specific program or place we can send Christmas cards to? Maybe a program for the troops, a nursing home, or a children's hospital? TIA
  10. We cut our beach vacation short this week and have decided to finish out our vacation at home. We're looking for some things around the area that we can do with our 1-year-old, and that don't involve a terrible amount of walking because I'm 7 months pregnant. Any ideas? We'd really like to find something to do within an hour's drive....
  11. We've decided to take my Dad out for breakfast tomorrow morning...we've never really done breakfast before! Anyway, I'm looking for a decent (better than Waffle House or IHOP) place to take him and my small family. The only place I can really think of is Cracker Barrel...but I wanted to see what you all thought. We live in Villa Rica, and my parents live in Hiram, so somewhere in the Dallas/Douglasville/Hiram area...
  12. I used to work at the place in Hiram where you pick your icecream and they mix it on a cold stone Loved working there because I got to try out so many different flavors. They need some type of drive-up service though... However, it's good to be able to ask them to add in stuff "mid-mix" - in case you change your mind.. The icecream place you mentioned gave me my first job at 15! That was when they first opened though, and didn't have a drive-thru. Things always get messed up in drive-thrus...Many burger places can be examples of this when you order anything out of the ordinary...Like my sister (a vegetarian) used to order cheese on a bun at the golden arches place...they never got that right...
  13. Well, I'm a middle school teacher...so I know it is different for me and my students...However, I absolutely HATE assigning writing as a punishment! It makes the student hate writing, and really isn't very effective. What I do at the middle school level is (depending on the action): isolate the student on a different side of the room, assign silent lunch, send them to a different teacher's classroom (usually their least favorite...), or if it's bad enough I send them to the office. So, OP - I completely agree with you =) It makes me think of the intro to The Simpsons...where Bart is writing some sentence over and over again on the board...but he still acts up, right? Also, IMO, the teacher should be calling you in for some conferences so you TWO can discuss the best way to handle his behavior in class.
  14. DH and I have a 10-month-old who goes to an in-home childcare facility. We LOVE our sitter! However, we are expecting baby #2 in October. So, by the first of 2012, we will have two in daycare. We're weighing our options about childcare, and finding out the best deal and what will work for our family. So, I'm wondering, does anyone know what it costs to have a nanny come to your home for two under the age of two? I know the price range varies, but I'm just trying to get a ballpark range. Thanks!
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