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  1. Since when do police not handcuff prisoners to hospital beds when in custody? What if she ran? What if she picked up a something in the hospital room to try to harm an officer or doctor in order to take the baby and escape. Do you think she was treated any different than any other female in police custody? Probably not.
  2. Looked like a nice memorial. Hope lots of people remember and learn because of it. But, unfortantly, like everything else here in America, it was made in China. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/8715823/Martin-Luther-King-memorial-made-in-China.html
  3. I think I just found myself a new screen name. All the double standards aside...wait until you get a gun pointed at you that someone pulled out of a backpack like I did and then tell me the next time you see someone walking down the street with one you don't seem a little jumpy and quick to judgement.
  4. What...it's not like I called them welfare receipients who need beer and shopping money like LPPT did! Don't see you wagging your finger in her face. Guess it's another double-standard again....my opionion don't count I guess.
  5. Might have been some of those nice young men carrying their backpacks to their friends house with toothbrushes and Xbox that they were talking about in the other thread earlier.
  6. I'm pretty sure if you are a comcast customer (THAT PAYS THEIR BILL) then you and I will be footing this one! It could be similar to the "Free Cellphones" that I and other paying cell phone customers pay for on our bill each week. Look carefully on your bill, you will see the charge and how much you are paying for others to have a cell phone.
  7. The answer to getting out of debt is not spending or increasing debt...it's cutting. Around my house when we can't pay all our bills that month, we don't borrow more, we stop spending on things that aren't as important or that are waste.
  8. Anybody out there who is 'in the same boat' as I am, without a boat? (pun intended) Do you do any bank fishing at Allatoona? If you do, I would like to hear of some good spots. I want to take my son this weekend and am looking for some good fishing holes (yeah, I know, hard to find at Allatoona) I know some of the boat ramps have places we could go, but not sure exactly where to go.
  9. We will be there as well. Rome Braves games are the best (and cheap)! Add some fireworks and it just makes it even better
  10. Well, I guess if you like crowded/trashy beaches, waiting forever at resturants, bumber to bumber traffic, teenager hormones overflowing, over crowded swimming pools etc... more power to ya. I'll take my 30-40 yards of private beach front, quiet nights, no waiting at resturants, and private swimming pool anytime.
  11. My advise is a little to late...don't go to Panama City Beach. Go to St. George Island! But, as far as places to eat at PCB, if you like crab legs, gotta do Capt. Jacks!
  12. I sleep with a CPAP. I was afraid of how I would do because I said I toss and turn and roll over etc... What I found out was, once I got the mask on, I slept so good that I no longer toss and turn and roll over! Also, even if you get a kink in the hose or even if the machine cuts off (power goes out, etc) the mask is designed so that you can still breath with the mask on and power off or hose kinked...no worries there. As far as mask lines...it's not that bad really. Especially since I suspect you will be getting better quality of sleep so you won't have to sleep till the last minut
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