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  1. There was an ad on craigslist about a missing bird a couple of days ago. It didnt say what area tho.
  2. Guard dad, I was afraid of that. There is a number on the blade and i have make and model number. I have found a few online, just afraid if its wrong i will have to send it back. Freebird thank you i will try them in the morning.
  3. Its just the blade. The system is older, i can order it online just was hoping i could find one local, and not have to pay shipping. It is made by goodman, not sure a trane would fit? But thank you anyway.
  4. Does anyone know a place locally where I can buy a part ( I don't need the repair) for the AC unit outside? It is a very easy fix, it is only the fan blade and my husband can do it. Thanks!
  5. I was hoping someone on here would know something. I heard the wreck from my back deck. I can't see it because of the trees tho.it took almost 2 hrs to clean it up. I never take that road it is way too dangerous in normal condions, trying to turn there on the first day of school is just plain crazy!
  6. The same thing happened to me. I rescued a male chihuahua that was already neutered, then 6 months later I got another one and I got her fixed. When it would have been time for her to come in heat, my male dog was all over her! I even found them hooked together, but now all is good quiet and peaceful.
  7. I contacted Paulding County Environmental Health. I called and they emailed it to me. If you want to go there it is the building to the right of the court house.
  8. <br /><br /><br /> Thank you for the above quote! So many people blaming the school system, if they thought it was going to be so bad, make the decision as a parent and keep your kids home.
  9. Does anyone know of a good reliable company that inspects fireplaces to make sure they are safe to use. We have never had to use it and want to make sure it's safe first.
  10. check this: Enable visual (RTE) editor? Then go to choose a file, click on that ( pick where you have your pic saved) Then attach this file ( it will show you how many bytes if it is working or not)
  11. Go to the general settings, click on the visual RTE setting. That should do it.
  12. Before I started going to Good Samaritan health care, I ordered my scripts from Progressiverx.com. It did it for 9 yrs. When I went for my check ups all was fine, so I guess the meds were ok.
  13. I understand all about the above. I have had to have trees cut down in the past and know about hiring the best and most professional, but I lost my job in nov of last year and me being the "older generation " it has been hard finding work. My husband works for barely over min wage and it is a struggle every day , so we just need someone who will cut them down, my husband and son in law can do the cut up and clean up, and we can use the wood for our fire place next year. Thanks for all the replies, we have a call into all of them. And if anyone knows of any more please let us know. Thanks ag
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