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  1. I intervened for a dog with a neighbor one time. Dog was suffering with heat stroke, couldn't stand up. Brought the dog in bathed it gave it water, the children came over demanding the dog back I refused until one of the parents came and got it. They made some smart A remarks about nosey neighbors getting in there business when they weren't home. Didn't speak to me for months, I don't care! I would do it again!
  2. This was just brought to my attention. This is the family we helped at Christmas this year.
  3. There is obviously a void left in the lives of all who knew this man, What a great testament about how you choose to live your life and the way you choose to treat others, What a blessing to have in your life, and now a blessing to those in heaven. How fortunate for you and your son to have had such a special person in your life. God bless you.
  4. Is this a public company. i might like to buy shares. seriously!
  5. God bless them, My heart goes out to them. What a terrible tragedy.
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