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  1. From my platform high above Cedarcrest Rd. I'm noticing lots of tuxedos and formal dresses so it must be prom somewhere tonight in Paulding.


    It is awesome seeing all the support from folks waving to those dropping food off early - PLEASE pass the word and tell everyone about this huge need in Paulding County! To learn more about Helping Hands of Paulding check them out here: http://www.squidoo.com/helpinghandspaulding



  2. I've taken over for the second 24 hour shift. A lot of great support coming in! Thanks for all love from everyone driving by as well as those of you who have already dropped off food.


    Some interesting statistics I found the other day related to why we're up here:


    * More than 2.8 billion people live on less than the equivalent of $2 per day

    * More than 1.2 billion people live on less than the equivalent of $1 per day

    * Nearly 1 billion people are illiterate (they can’t read or write)

    * More than 1 billion people don’t have access to safe water

    * 1/3 of all the world’s children under 5 suffer from malnutrition

    * Over 100,000,000 people around the world are homeless

    * 750,000 people in the USA in 2005 were homeless

    * 41% of these were families

    * 3,500,000 people in the USA in 2007 were homeless

    * 1,370,000 of which are under 18


    Loving Life! (& Living High!)



  3. Beginning this weekend, the Scouts of the Pickett's Mill District will be distributing bags for the Scouting for Food drive! Please be on the lookout at your local Publix and area businesses who have drop off sites. Below is the press release regarding what is happening in northeast Paulding to get the word out. Regardless of where you live in the county, please, do all you can to help out this young men and their leaders as they work to help others during this difficult time.






    Pastor, Banker and Scouting Leaders “Get High” for Food Drive


    Paulding County, GA March 21-28, 2009 – Community leaders spend 48 hours in the air in support of this year’s Scouting for Food program. Their goal is to fill up as many tents as possible with canned food items for Helping Hands of Paulding County food pantry.


    For 48 hours, Scout Leaders Geof Hutton and Rick Wittenbrook along with Pastor Ken Hagler of Crossroads United Methodist Church and Ed Long of Colonial Bank will remain aloft about 20 feet to raise awareness for Scouting for Food. Scouting for Food is sponsored by the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America and Publix Supermarkets.


    Ken and Geof saw an opportunity to combine the efforts of Crossroads UMC and Scouting to help their community in Paulding County. They also see this as an opportunity to rally the growing community of northeast Paulding around a project together. Ed, Vice-President at Colonial Bank of Seven Hills was quick to offer his support. All items collected will go to The Helping Hands of Paulding County, Inc., a local non-profit that helps families in need and supports other food pantries in Paulding County.


    On Saturday, March 21st, Scouts and church members will take to the neighborhoods of northeast Paulding County distributing over 4,500 bags donated by Publix. These bags can then be filled throughout the week. On Saturday, March 28th, families can then place their bags at the street for pick-up by Scouts from Cub Scout Packs 1916 and 9161 and Boy Scout Troop 2009.


    If you don’t get a bag, want to drop off your own, learn more about Scouting or you just want to see these brave and crazy souls in camping in the air, Geof, Rick, Ken and Ed will be in the Colonial Bank parking lot at the intersection of Cedarcrest Rd. and Seven Hills Blvd., from noon on Thursday, March 26th to 2pm, Saturday, March 28th when all food will be placed in tents before delivering the food to Helping Hands of Paulding County.


  4. Actually, it is 9:39 to get people talking!


    We're a different church, so if you're going to be different why not try every way possible?! Think about it, who made up the rule that all start times have to be on the :00 or :05?


    And Free Bird, I'll still be out with scouts on the weekend so long as we include Friday nights in there!

  5. :blink: Sorry, but kids (families) don't pay enough.


    At a time like this, schools should cut down on all the extra things they ask families to purchase (t-shirts, fund raisers, decorating pumpkins and raffling them off, class rings for middle schoolers, etc..............) Yes, PCSS can cut back in many ways........... Take it from one who knows......... a former PC educator.


    You got two points here. Since we moved here we've gotten slammed with $3 for a chick-fil-a biscuit, $1 for hat day, $10 for a class party, $15 for a fall festival and on and on. With two kids, in just around two months, we've spent another $300 in money we didn't budget for :wacko: and that doesn't include what we opted out of. In Gwinnett we didn't spend that in one year for two kids.


    I know too this isn't Gwinnett (thankfully) and I don't mind paying more but give families an idea at the start of the year what is coming up. Do like Cub Scouts and let us know the dues up front so we can plan for what we need to contribute, what goal we need to meet in fundraising. I learned along time ago how pennies add up. I also know how quickly money burns a hole in someone's pocket too.


    Katcol is right, the budget should be public record somewhere.

  6. I was in Gwinnett when they messed it up two years ago so that NOBODY really got anything and it was the kids who were disappointed. I don't ever remember it being an issue when I was growing up. Personally, I get dressed up with my kids every year and we go out and do it together and have a blast! I'd hate to see what happened two years ago happen again.

  7. Due West UMC in Marietta has special needs classes for both adults and children. The adults are a part of the regular service. We try to work toward integration that is involving special needs throughout the life of the church. We are trying to involve them in special activities as a group but we believe they offer a great deal to life of the church.


    I don't know if that is what you are looking for :blink: but if you'd like to know more about what we're doing, let me know.

  8. Maybe you newbies at Bentwater can do what existing taxpayers have not been able to do, maybe you have some clout.

    We have been fighting for some changes for a while, on deaf ears, let us know if you make a difference.


    As a Cedar Crest person who is not from Bentwater, I hope we can get more folks involved. Thankfully, we did have some life long Paulding folks there but if all that is represented at CCAG is predominately from one neighborhood, I don't think there is going to be so much pull. That being said, if the model of CCAG does work, then it might make for a good model for other areas to try.


    As was obvious at our CCAG meeting and here on p.com, there are a lot of different opinions throughout the county. We had folks who don't live anywhere near Cedar Crest come to add their views.


    I don't neccesarily agree with all that was talked about, but we had someone from CC who did some work and got some traction. I hope it will benefit us all.

  9. "The central point was the formation of an action group to address the needs primarily of North Paulding."


    I'm having a hard time understanding how impact fees "primarily" affect those in North Paulding. Would that not be a county wide issue?


    I'm sorry if there was confusion in my statement. :wacko: The central point of last night's meeting was regarding the need for the formation of an action group addressing the needs of people who live on Cedar Crest/North Paulding.


    Yes, the impact fees issue is important to all of us. I didn't intend my post indicate they didn't and no one at the meeting did either. I was writing in context of the purpose of the meeting only. That is why I indicate in caps regarding contacting our reps.

  10. I wish there had been handouts from last nights meeting at Bentwater. <_< Most of the points we're all very aware of. The central point was the formation of an action group to address the needs primarily of North Paulding. Information was given regarding widening of 92, the finishing of the crossroads, the lonnnnnnng term plans for the connection to I-75 and of course schools.


    Sharon Roper (?) is a resident of Paulding County who assembled the information and the meeting. I would estimate close to 40 people were present. Also present at the meeting were: Kim Curl from the BOE, Jerry Shearin-chair of the BOC and Pat Westbrook-County Administrator. All were available and responded to questions.


    A couple of things of note: Kim Curl informed us that the BOE has NOT voted on if or when they would move to doing a split schedule. For good or ill, the BOE has not voted on anything. With the failure of the bond, the soonest it could get back for a vote is March.


    Jerry Shearin is meeting with our senator and reps this Thursday. He is bringing before them the issue of impact fees for education. This is one of many issues that is in the hands of the state due to laws on the books.


    IF YOU WANT TO VOICE YOUR OPINION ON IMPACT FEES, send e-mails TODAY to our state officials!!!


    As the entire county is zoned residential-2, the BOC indicated they can do little regarding curbing residential growth. My understanding was where they have tried to stop it, they have been sued and lost. The most effective way to slow it is impact fees. (I know other threads have dealt with this too).


    I'm trying to not put my opinion in any of the above, but trying to relay what I heard and discussed with others. What I found interesting and somewhat disturbing is the few who were not even from the Cedar Crest road community who appeared to have no concern for the felt needs of those here.


    Unfortunately, the meeting was largely people who live in Bentwater with only a few of us from surrounding neighborhoods and homes on Cedar Crest who just happen to see the flyer. If a group is formed, I believe it needs to be representative of more than just Bentwater.


    If I receive any more info, I'll pass it on. ;)

  11. I was a youth pastor for almost ten years in St. Louis, MO and Gainesville, GA. This mentality is not just here.


    I had one kid who started coming to our youth group who had found no place to fit in until he came to our ministry. One girl who was visiting questioned, "why is HE here?" I asked her, "where else should he be?" She never came back but he stayed and I got to see him grow in to a neat young man and assist in his baptism. He graduated a year early, started at Georgia Tech and then transfered to Cornell. I can't wait to see the day those kids who made fun of him find themselves working for him. Or better yet, have to hear him deliever the "State of Union" speech every year ;)


    We may not always be able to change the bullies, but we can stand in the gap for those kids who need someone to advocate for them or encourage them.

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