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  1. To all those who voted for me, thank you very much. For all those who didn't, thank you for voting. It's a great privilege. I would appreciate your vote in the runoff, whether your vote was for me or one of the other candidates. I'll strive to be a good DA for everyone whether your vote was for me or not. Again, thank you, all of you. Dick Donovan
  2. I'm not retiring anytime soon (read "never") because after about six months ennui would set in and I'd be a basket case; I am a borderline workaholic. Also, I have no interest in a judge's position. I've sat as Special Master and referee and Hearing officer enough to know that the last thing I want is to have to go to work every day and sit on the bench. It's intense but it can be terribly monotonous. I'm a trial lawyer. Judge Cummings asked me to apply for the new judge's position in 2002 and I did, and was nominated, but I've been thankful many times since that I did not get the appointment. If the people of this county are kind enough to elect me DA, I'll serve as long as they let me, because I want to make this a better place to live for you and me and everyone else, and I know that I can do that because of my life's experience. If that sounds like grandstanding, sorry. It's just the way I feel. You don't want to vote for me? Fine - but vote for someone else because you think he's more qualified - not because you don't like my looks (and I ain't pretty) or my attitude (and I can be cranky, but I'm loyal to my friends and clients). I can be ugly as sin (make up your own joke) and have a really unlikeable attitude, and still be a really great District Attorney. It's my management skills and courtroom knowledge that make the difference. To straighten out a post from Pubby a few days ago, Bill Foster served as DA from about '77 when his law partner Art Fudger was appointed judge to replace Harold Murphy who was appointed to the federal bench. Bill served until 1992 when he was appointed to a new judgeship in the Tallapoosa Circuit. George Turner was appointed to serve out his unexpired term as DA, then Osborne ran and was elected DA in 1994, and served until he was appointed judge in 2005 when Foster retired from the bench. Oh, and by the way, Magistrate Judges in counties of less than 100,000 do NOT have to have anything more than a GED or high school diploma. Probate judges the same. They do have to complete training annually to keep their jobs. When we get over 100,000, we'll have to do that, too - but incumbents will be grandfathered in (Judge Anderson, e.g.). Dick Donovan
  3. Keep in mind I took up the note for $260,000.00 so it's not like I just sat back and lived rent free. I still pay rent and right now with half the building vacant that note looms large every month. But you'r right, it was a very nice gesture by a good friend. DD
  4. Actually, I wasn't specific about the case, but replied only to the slanderous remarks. The particulars of the case are a matter of public record, and I have divulged nothing of any client confidences, about which I am always very careful, as all lawyers should be. As to why i moved my office to Douglasville, a very good friend, with whom I attended law school (he went to law school after he retired from 30 years in the army) sold me the office building he owned in downtown Douglasville for the same price he paid for it - ten dollars, and take up the note. Turns out the building had belonged to great uncles and cousins of my wife's (Judge A. Lafayette Bartlett, Ruth Bartlett Hudgins) I was able to move my office there while maintaining my practice in Cobb, Paulding and Douglas. It doesn't matter where the office is if what you need me for is to go to court with you. I live, of course, in Paulding, and drive to whichever court in which I am to appear that morning. As to specifics about myself, check the website: DonovanforDA.com - it's all there. D. Donovan Check the local access channel on Comcast (16) - our "debate" from two weeks ago is on there. DD
  5. What she fails to tell you all is that I followed the rules regarding the order of cases to which I was to report, arrived on schedule to try her case (a temporary matter) and her problem is that she didn't like the judge's decision. The file is in order. I spoke to her new attorney yesterday and there's no problem other than her dissatisfaction with the judge's ruling. If so many people are dissatisfied with me, why do many come to me after my having been highly recommended? Not everyone gets what he or she wants when he or she goes to court, but the vast majority of the more than 4,000 people I've represented are ore than happy with my services. Sour grapes are just sour grapes.
  6. When I read to my wife the entry by naturegirl saying that I was “unprepared” and made “weak presentations” in court, she laughed and said, “Well, I guess you can’t stop people from making up stuff about you!” The writer claimed to have watched me lose two cases, a civil and a criminal case. Makes me wonder. The last time I went to court unprepared, Judge Dan Winn chewed me out for ten minutes after court and that problem was solved right then. That was in the early 80s. The last time I made a “weak presentation” was also back in the early 80s, and Judge Robert J. Noland was so mad at me he wouldn’t even look at me for weeks after. That problem was solved, then and there. As a result I have a reputation as an aggressive lawyer. I honestly don’t remember the last civil case I lost, except one about ten years ago, and that case was reversed on appeal. The last criminal case I lost was last Fall in Paulding County, when my client refused the offer made by the state to plead the case. I am bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct to do as my client instructs, so long as it’s not unprofessional, illegal or unethical. So we went to trial and lost. Happens not often but sometimes. I agree with all who have entered posts suggesting that the District Attorney be chosen on the basis of experience, and not personality. The experience of all the candidates can likely be found on our websites, but as for me, what I bring to the race is this: I was a crime scene technician with the Atlanta Police Department and worked during the year that Atlanta was the homicide capital of the world (more homicides per capita than any other place on earth). I then was a uniform officer and a detective with the East Point Police Department where I attended the National Death Investigation Seminar in Warrensburg, Missouri two years in a row (paying my own way the second year) and was trained as one of the very first intoximeter operators in the state of Georgia (the machine than assesses blood alcohol level by a breath sample) which meant forty hours of blood chemistry and machine operation practice, and then completed the FBI’s sex crimes investigation school. I have five (5) years of solid management experience, as security manager for what would be, in today’s dollars, about a fifty- million-dollar-a-year retail operation, where I managed a staff of between 12 and 20, depending on the season, and was responsible for all areas of security, internal and external, audits, etc. In retail, allowable shrinkage is 1.0%. Of the probably 50 to 100 stores in the nine-state southeastern region, I had the best shrinkage of any for five years in a row, always less than 1.0%, and sometimes as low as 0.7%. While doing that job for five years, in my spare time I attended law school for thirty-three months straight, passed the bar examination and graduated with honors. Obviously, this entire post of mine is self-serving. But how could I justify asking people to vote for me as the best candidate if I don’t believe it myself? With my management experience, my law enforcement training and experience, and my more than thirty years of courtroom work in criminal cases, I think I am best qualified. I realize that there are those who wouldn’t vote for me even if their mothers endorsed me - but that’s what makes horse races - and elections for District Attorney. And speaking of negative responses, when I ran four years ago Mr. Lane took me to task because I had at one time some tax liens filed against me. This is true and I wouldn’t deny it even if I thought I could. I am the only son of a widowed mother who retired on a disability pension when I was 22 years old. I had no family help pay for law school or to help me to get a law practice established. I didn’t even know what a tax lien looked like until I got the first one in the mail. The problem with tax liens is that you must scrounge up all the money and pay the whole thing at once - taxes, interest and penalties; the tax commissioner doesn‘t take monthly payments. So I scrounged and paid - every penny, tax interest and penalties. God has been very good to me. He gave me a good, strong God-fearing and God-loving mother who kept me in line and taught me to be God-fearing and God-loving, and a good solid God-fearing and God-loving wife, Teresa (née Walton) who has stood by me for 35 years in hard times and good. Vote for whom you believe to be best qualified - but don’t decide against me because of what someone made up abut me. Call me - 770-943-3466 if you want to talk to me. Check out my web-site donovanforda.com if you want more information. I want to win this election because I honestly believe I am the right person to do the job. I realize some do not agree, and will support the other candidates. If you agree that I am the right person for this job, your support is appreciated. If you do not agree, I still wish you well. Oh, and, yes, I do live in Paulding County. Same place for thirty years. Can’t run in Paulding if you don’t live here. Dick Donovan
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