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  1. In so far as I can tell, the only thing the Marshall's office does is draw their salary. So glad your problem was resolved without the benefit of our wasted tax money.
  2. I am totally unaware of what you are looking for. My favorite was what we had planted as child. It is a great climber, easy to root and smells wonderful. It is the New Dawn. The only color I am aware of is pink, although, it may come in different colors.
  3. Grady often gets a bad wrap. I am a retired insurance adjuster and only handled claims that involved very serious injury or death from an automobile accident. In the 35 years I adjusted claims, I never handled a claim where someone arrived at Grady alive and then died, which in my opinion is a very good record. I would think you FIL is in good hands. Sorry for you loss CMorg.
  4. The Mother is the culprit here. Sonny had 18 days of unexcused absents. Mother said that sonny had an illness that mimicked cancer. If my child was that ill with what I thought was cancer, honey, everyday he missed would have been with a Doctors excuse, because I would have had him at the doctor every day. DFAC should make Mother take parenting classes. This poor child is headed for prison, if Mother does not change her act and get him under control.
  5. We have a new car. My husband said he is taking it back; because, the paint is no good. It is turning yellow.
  6. The last time I looked this up, the Paulding County code basically said it is illegal to park a vehicle on a street maintained by Paulding County. There have been some pretty serious issues with cars parked on our street. I know of 2 cases where someone called the Sheriff's Dept., while the vehicle was illegal parked. Both times the Sheriff's Department came and told them they had to move the vehicle and if was parked there again, there would be fine and then the next time they had to come the vehicle would be impounded.
  7. Kim, Is Edward Phram and Jeff Fuller running against you? Are the running to replace other people? If they are not running against you, who is? I would think someone that has done such a good job would be hard to beat.
  8. Is Kim's position at large? I have noticed several people whose signs say at large. Her's just says for the school board.
  9. My heart is bleeding for this child and family. I do not know them; but it just so said. I assume it is the 12 year old child mentioned in another post. In God We Trust!
  10. It was/is my understanding that the Marshall's office is part of the Sheriff's Department. In so far as I can tell, the only thing the Marshall's office does is collect their salary. There is a house in my neighborhood, that I guess was reported to the Marshall's office by the EPA. In the flood of 09, the EPA said the bridge washed out due to debris from neighbors washing into the creek and then washing the bridge out. The Marshall's office did come out and issued a citation, which they said carried a $10,000 fine if not cleaned up in 30 days. To my knowledge, all the debris has sti
  11. Voted at Mt. Tabor yesterday. My husband and I were the only 2 voters. There were 8 workers, which seemed like over kill to me.
  12. Apparently, Mr. Younkins did not take too kindly to his arrest. According, to the Paulding County Jail Website, no bond has been set for 2 charges and the ones that have a bond set, total $320,000. Mostly for terroristic threats.
  13. I have been around here since the early 40's. I do not remember one in that time; but, being older then dirt, I may just not remember. We always went to the Cobb County Fair.
  14. Mr. Leggett's newspaper article amused me. I do not know him or Mr. Carmichael. First off, since he is or was a firefighter, he wants to give all the firemen a raised. Is this to be funded with a tax increase? In so far as I know, we pay the highest fire tax of anywhere. If we have the best fire stations, the best equipment and the best paid firemen, what good does it to do to get to a house fire and the only available water is well water. The county says they cannot afford to lay more water lines and bring us out of the 19th century. Next, he patted Scott Greene and Paulding DOT o
  15. I have been to every State, every Canadian Province, expect the Northwest Territory. I have been to a lot of the Mexican States and traveled to numerous European Countries. I did not just past though, I stopped and smelled roses. My far London, is my favorite. There are a lot of other places I liked.
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