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  1. Please do not enter into a discussion that you know nothing about just so you can see one of your posts in a busy topic. Many people are taking this Hurricane seriously or have family members in it's path. There is no such place as Ocean City Virginia. Some good news is that Irene is down to 100 sustained. She is losing strength in an area where most thought she would gain.
  2. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. Irene will die down once she hits land (Cape Hattaras) and she is moving into cooler water, which she doesn't like. Maryland is evacuating Ocean City cause this is the peak week for tourists and they don't want idiots out in the hurricane cause they saw the weaqther channel peope doing it. Norfolk is moving their ships cause they would get battered tied up at the docks. ALL of these coastal towns have been through this before and will do so again. The worst storm to hit the VA, MD, DE, NJ and NY coasts was in March 1962 and that was a Northeaster.
  3. Fill them with Helium and you will ride much lighter and get better gas mileage.
  4. Adults can understand and rationalize what is going on. The kids, who live on the East coast, most of have never experienced a quake are the ones that need to have everything explained to. I would think it would be very scary for little ones. Glad everyone is OK.
  5. I know you expected this to happen. It is the "Good ole Boy" network hard at work. I am beginning to wonder if there are any honest people anywhere that are in Politics.
  6. Mrs. Osfan

    My toe

    If you believe anything from the post above mine, your toe is the least of your worries. Keep ice on it, prop it up and take some asprin. Hope your day gets better.
  7. He is the Paulding.com Pet and is can do no wrong. He is also the reason many do not post anymore.
  8. and obama is still playing the Blame Game. He now has come out and is blaming Congress for lack of jobs. This IDIOT has not taken responsibility for ANY failure during his watch, and people still see him as doing a great job. Where is all that Hope and Change he PROMISED?
  9. You asked and I am sure you wouldn't want me to lie.
  10. Take a One Way trip to the middle of the Saharah Desert?
  11. When it is slow, they really bend the rules and let this crap hang longer than it should.
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