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  1. I've been down with Internet for 14 days. Getting the run around by their customer support center. If anybody knows a local comcast tech have them pm me. Thanks
  2. Go buy a car from Jerome at Hardy'a. We have bought two from him in the last two years. He has a great personality and listen's to the buyer's needs.
  3. My sister was diagnosed when she was in her early twenties. It has been very hard for her. She had to give up her career. With all of her treatments, she was unable to have children. She has some good days but mostly her pain takes over. She has her faith and her husband to keep her going. I appreciate you trying to get the word out to others. You are right about recognition of a silent disease.
  4. No matter how much money you make.. If cancer is not caught early, it will rob you of everything. Praying for his health.
  5. I went to my five year and it was the same old stuff.. Decided I would not go back then... My friends have moved out of state and the rest would not want to go back. My 20 yrs was two years ago and it was so sad, not enough people showed an interest that the class that graduated behind us asked if we wanted to come to theirs. They did a combination of the two years. In our economy, I really feel a lot of people are not going because if they are out of work who wants to be reminded of their failures and losses.
  6. I live on a busy road and I bet cars went through the stop sign about 25 or more times last year. I stay on the porch and watch everyday because I fear someone is going to hit my kids. I know people are in a rush to get to work but they need to think it through...killing a kid will definitely slow them down to a stop.
  7. I miss the days where everyone worked. There was a chicken in every pot. Life was predictable. You can buy furniture and say well I can pay it off in a year. Walking in the office and not fearing lay offs. I have worked since I was seventeen, and I have been laid off officially a year next week. Something has to change... Sounds familiar right....
  8. I have a 13 and 17 year old, we try to get them in bed by 10:00. 17 year old has a job and gets in around 9:30 to 10:00 two nights a week. Lights are out by 11:00 in the living room. They may stay up and study (yeah right) wishful thinking... That's what they say any way...
  9. How about the World of Coke... It has so many items from the past, they may get a kick out of it. Then go to the Varsity, and take a tour at CNN... Just a thought.
  10. Left over spagetti bake... I use two cans of Hunts spaghetti sauce in the can and two cans of Rotel. Then a bag of mix vegs (summer veggies) Roccota and mozzarella cheese and par-meson cheese. 1 pd ground chuck with bellpepper and onion.
  11. Next week I will be unemployed for a whole year. I would have never dream this would have happened to me. I have been working since 1987, I graduated from high school on a Friday and went to work the following Monday in downtown Atlanta. I do not see how things are getting better... I have applied everywhere, more rejections or to many people have applied for the position.
  12. I guess American has bought my company out too, we had All-terrain and we received a letter saying American would be handling our business. The garbage can is bigger at no additional price so lets see what happens. They come very early in the morning right at 7. All-terrain was located in Powder Springs, I hate this company not being local. I try to help local businesses when I can.
  13. We went about a month ago, this was our fifth visit. We have attended the ones in Florida and South Carolina. I love the Tomato Bisque soup. My son is seventeen and has always had a wonderful time.
  14. How do I tell my kids it will get better when as an adult I do not see it getting better anytime soon.
  15. Short tempers are a sign of the times. Our economy has physically and emotionally cut us to the bone. We are the new ME generation. The pay it forward days are almost over... Please and Thankyou's are a new foreign language. I am so concerned because I have a 17 year old who received his license this year and what if this clown got behind my kid, I fret to think what would happen. On top of that I have ran every scenario over in my head and verbally told my kid. I believe this clown needs to ride CCT until we as a community want to put his butt back in a car.
  16. God has a plan for each person he puts on this earth, our journey begins and then it ends in the physical sorts... but we never die...A new body awaits him and he will take one of the rooms in the mansion the Lord promised us here on earth. You may have longer on your journey, and it is scary to be without your sole mate, but God will always be with you.... but comfort awaits when your job is done here on earth, he will be in a wonderful place awaiting you. So enjoy this time, review memories, share a hand hold and God will be there for you and yours. Lots of love sent to you...
  17. Try Greystone they sell tickets...
  18. Prayers are said for your sister and her husband.. I also pray for you knowing its hard not being there holding her hand. God is good... We stay still and hold on to his plan.
  19. Stay away from the banks, they do not put mask on but rob you in your time of need. Hubby and I have made a terrible mistake and we will pay for it the rest of our lives due to high interest rates.....
  20. He made TV when it was cool and clean. Goodbye to another childhood hero.
  21. Well you have entered the parents zone... the life you once knew is no longer yours. Seriously, there are enough good people out here to help all you need to do is ask. It is hard with a new born in the house. I know I am a mother of a seventeen year old and a thirteen year old. I was working full time and my husband was traveling. Tackle the big stuff and let the little stuff wait. Enjoy your time it really goes by so fast. Remember tackle this as a team and you will succeed. Good luck..
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