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  1. A 97 is a fantastic score. He should have many rates available to him. Congrats!!
  2. kas


    Way to go Steelers!!!
  3. My coworker who came in to relieve me today is planning on staying at the office until Tues am. What a trooper!
  4. DD and I were heading home from my sister's and we slid off the road into a ditch. Thank God I've got 4-wheel drive we were able get out of that ditch. We were on Davis Mill heading towards Mustang Dr. Please be careful out there take it slow.
  5. kas

    Unlock a phone

    Did you try 12345 that is their generic password that they use on their phones I believe
  6. Hey Lucky, raised in Norwich CT which is about a 30 min drive from Pawcatuck. Haven't been home in quite a while sure do miss it.
  7. Married for 19 years, first marriage for both of us.
  8. My husband was just laid off last Thursday. He rec'd his last paycheck today. Lots of prayers,positive thoughts and of course his submitting resumes daily-for hours. Two others in his department were let go that day too. Trying not to let it get me too down, but I am not sure what the future holds.
  9. I looovvveee my 1998 Toyota 4-Runner. I have had it now for 7 years and it runs great. It is also a 5-speed. I have never loved a vehicle before, If I would win the lottery I would invest the money to make it look new again, has a few dings.
  10. kas

    Insulin Pump

    I guess I am afraid of change. And of course the initial cost of a pump. It is going to be over $2500 for pump & 3 months supply. From what the rep told me it will be about $140 for supplies per month. Does the pump interfer with anything that you do? I mean as far as it being attached to your pant and then of course where it is attached to you? I do have more questions but am very tired (not feeling well) need to go and take a nap. I appreciate all who have responded. Thank you.
  11. kas

    Insulin Pump

    Does anyone on here use a insulin pump? May be getting one soon and wanted to get feedback from someone using one. May also get a glucose monitor to wear with the pump. Any info would be welcomed. Have been a T1 Diabetic almost 28 yrs.
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