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  1. How would I go about finding out how many deputies are on duty at night. We live in the North end of the county and would like to know how often a deputy is assigned to patrol this area. We don't think it's very often and we have had some petty crime crap increasing in our area. Thank you for you assistance!
  2. The BOE has purchased property on 7 Hills Extension due to the great price available. However, I was told a while back there is no intention to build on the property any earlier than approximately 2023.
  3. I know what happened -- It's sad!!! Prayers for all involved!
  4. It's cookie time again -- My daughter has sat her preorder goal at 500 (to pay for her trip to Savannah in 2016) If you are trying to eat better in 2015 or don't like girl scout cookies you can still help her earn meet her goal by purchasing cookies thru the Smiles 4 Military program. Cookies will arrive around Valentines day and we will deliver to you! Let me know when you're ready to place your order! Thanks again!
  5. Paulding Holiday Programs Brought to you by: Hope for Christmas and Paulding Christmas Inc. Saturday, December 13, 2014 ~Family fun for everyone ~Visit with Santa ~Make a Craft ~Bounce Houses ~Secret Santa Shop ~Christmas Cookies ~ Games Register your family ONLINE @ hopeforchristmas.com from November 10th - Until all spaces are filled Register your family in person: West Ridge Church: 3522 Hiram Acworth Highway, Dallas, GA 30157 November 10th and November 12th, 2014 Monday: 11a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Wednesday: 11 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Academy Creek Community Building: 563 Paulding Lane, Dalla
  7. Well, it wasn't unusual for Braiden to spend several days with Ryan. They always just called each other...and made plans. Ryan calls Jessica Saturday morning and tells her that he wants to take Braiden camping before school starts....they have been camping before.....but he picks Braiden up and then a 4 page suicide note was found by his grandpa...(Ryan lives with his grandparents, not his parents as reported).....Grandpa calls the police but Ryan has taken off with Braiden before the police can get there. So Braiden has really been missing since Saturday....when he is with Ryan he calls Jessi
  8. My cousins ex and her son are missing from the Smyrna area -- Please if you know anything call the cops! She is devastated about this! http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/smyrna-police-searching-missing-man-son/nggTC/
  9. Spoke to Sheriff Guledge -- this has been reported -- I think something is fishy too --
  10. A friend of mine shared this on FB -- Do not know this family AT ALL!!!!! Diane Simpson posted a photo to 11Alive's timeline — with Linda Souders. *** ATTENTION***** *****PLEASE READ & SHARE***** So today is my birthday, I have only one birthday wish today, For my step dad to be found & my mom Linda Souders to have some peace. My mom last spoke with my step dad around 6:30 pm last night, July 2nd. He said he was at kroger at 278 & hwy 61 picking up dinner. He told my mom he believed a truck was following him, that it followed him into the parking lot. There were 2 men in the
  11. I know this family well and never ever have they had her in the hot sun. When they were collecting donations they had Kenzie in shade or under an umbrella and they never had her out when it was extremely hot. There is nothing they won't do to get our daughter the help she needs. They are a wonderful Christian family dedicated to giving their daughter what she needs to have a happy life!!!!!!!!!
  12. Back in 2012 there was an thread about this same guy and Lucky64 posted about his innocence -- so confused about this did he get arrested again for another incident or is this a continuation?
  13. FREE PROPERTY TAX APPEAL EDUCATION CLASS! Learn the basics of appealing your property value to lower your tax assessment! Join Tax Representative, Roy Sparks , who will explain how the process is done. Or, if you’d rather hire Roy to appeal your case, that can be arranged, too! The deadline for appeals is July 14th, so don’t miss this very important event! Date: June 19, 2014 Place: White Oak Park, 298 Mustang Dr, Dallas, GA 30132 @ the open Pavilion. Time: 7:00 till 8:00 p.m. Bring a chair and the kids!
  14. Glad no one was hurt -- Find it funny that we didn't get a nixile about it --
  15. This wreck was Tuesday -- I don't know what kind of vehicles were involved -- just know the road was closed -- We can thru around 10am --
  16. nope -- didn't get a nixile either -- weird
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