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  1. If it was before August 19, 2015 they were not a corporate company then but anytime after that date they are now a corporate company
  2. You have to actually order tickets to see the dress code
  3. I'm sure someone has already asked this question but what is the little building in front of the old Kmart going to be?
  4. praying that the surgery goes well and for a speedy recovery
  5. I received the claim form and I have the claim number but I cant seem to find the control number on the letter.
  6. thank you! The link that you posted is GREAT mrshoward! Just thinkin' hard thank you also!
  7. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter, she is struggling with pre-calculus (data analysis, rational functions, and sequences and series) and needs help. She is a senior at Hiram, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. I am a notary in Dallas and I don't charge for it
  9. and your sarcastic responses are probably why most people don't post questions but thanks for your answer, have a great day!
  10. Simple question people, didn't ask about anybody's opinion about the business. I've already read all the posts. I just don't see how one company is different from another when it comes to experiences and people voicing their opinions.
  11. I thought that bashing commerce members was not allowed. To my knowledge they are a member on here. A friend of mine was reprimanded for bashing a certain food store that is a member of Paulding.com.
  12. There has been a brown and white pit on Nebo lately, near Riverstone subdivision
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